Benefit of “I Agree” Button of Apps in Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions contain rules, requirements, restrictions, and limitations, which require user acceptance.

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Do you ever think during the pressing of button  “I agree” during the installation process of any app on your mobile or Computer? On downloading any app there binding terms and conditions appear on your screens, these terms and conditions agreement also called T&C. The terms of use and the term of services are the legal contract between the app and the user. Reading these terms and conditions is very important. Ignoring them cause you trouble in the future. These terms and conditions have advantages and disadvantages too. This article will discuss the root problems with these terms and conditions, which will help many of you in clearing your concepts. And you can be able to protect the data accessibility. These terms and conditions are going to be very important for you and your phone.

Terms and conditions contain rules, requirements, restrictions, and limitations, which require user acceptance. These terms and conditions are the legal pillars of the relationship between the user and the app. These terms and conditions if used correctly can be a good source and fundamental income generation. Bussiness use these terms and conditions for many reasons including speed, stability, cost, and risk administration.

How to design terms and conditions for the app?

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It is essential to design terms and conditions according to your app. Many apps use the terms and conditions of other apps. Do use the same terms and conditions on your website and mobile application so that it maintains the consistency of your terms and conditions. And help to protect your conceptual property as well as allow you to remove the unwanted activity and violence.

Legal disclaimers are those official statements that enable the app developers to prevent unwanted accountability and blames. And privacy policies reveals how websites handle the personal information of the user. In contrary to your terms and conditions section privacy policy is the policies that are required by law. In all cases, it is much better to avoid online legal documents instead use simple language.

Benefits for users and app developers

User benefits: It benefits the user in terms of the explanation of the finer points of your app like the payment process, what type of user behavior required for the app, and how to contact customer support.

Benefits for app developer and business owner: As a business owner and app developer, you can close the user account at any time when you feel it necessary.

Things should keep in mind while setting the terms and conditions

Define your keyword: so the user understands your term. and define the meaning of the particular keyword mean in your terms; for example, Facebook is referring to all its products brands, and services Facebook Services” or ”Services.”

Try to make it easy and straightforward

Do not complicate your terms and conditions with long lines and paragraphs. Highlight the important words so that if any user opens a term and condition section, it becomes easy for them to note the primary points of using the app.

Notify the user about change/modification of terms:

You should notify your user that if and when you are going to make a change in your app. And how this change will affect them.

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Banning and limitation the blame

If the user experiences any harm or damage by using your app. You can make a limit to prevent the blames.


Suppose these terms and conditions are not designed correctly and explained according to the app use and requirements. It certainly has disadvantages for both user and the app developer. We have seen many of us just clicked on the button ”I agree’ without even knowing what terms are conditions are. Later on, this ignorance can harm your data, pictures, your location, privacy, and much more. You click the agree on the button without noticing it requires your gallery accessibility and your data. So be very careful, every time you download any app read the terms and conditions section attentively.

More safety requires for kids

If your app is likely to be used by the kids, you should be more aware of the safety requirements. Because there are many games, movie-making, and picture editing apps that are not too safe and secure for your phone and kids don’t know about the terms and conditions they swipe or ignore it so make sure you take care of this regard, or it will cause your data harm.

Personal data assesibility

If your app wants personal data for the reasons unlinked to app functionality, The user and the app developer need to take care of this. The app developer must highlight it earlier before the collection and transference. Define the user how will you use their data so that no user will claim or blame the app developer in the future. Claiming and blaming can hurt app ratings. It can affect the cost generation of the app. similarly, if the user ignores the terms and conditions section, later on, face the personal data insecurities issues.


By: Maira Babery

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