Artificial intelligence is not a threat; its a tool.

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Artificial Intelligence

Let’s clear the concept of artificial intelligence in the simplest way that can easily be understandable for everyone. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is not a threat; it’s a tool. It is a broad range branch of computer science which is made by human itself. It is a revolutionary change in computer science. It is a working of smart machines that require human intelligence to perform the tasks with multiple approaches. In simple words, Al is a perception of things from the environment to perform the actions. Al is a machinery system tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence.

Narrow Al

It is also sometimes known as ”Weak Al” this works in a limited context with the simulation of human intelligence. Its general focus is on a single task, and these machines are working under limitations than the essential human intelligence.

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Artificial General Intelligence

It is also sometimes known as ”Strong intelligence” we see in the movies like robots. with the advancement in technology, it is possible that in the coming years for the next generation there are machines that look like human beings that can solve any problem.

Examples of artificial intelligence

Smart assistants like Siri and google

You see Siri is always active in your iPhone you call the word Siri holding your phone in front of you and ask Siri any question Siri will answer your question quickly. Similarly, in android, google is always active whenever you ask something it answers accurately and makes your task much uncomplicated, and the data will store in the machinery system for future recommendations and quick tasks…

Disease prediction and mapping

There are many interactive apps, that with the help of short, interactive sessions and attractive attention catchy techniques store your health-related feedback and symptoms. and detect your disease outbreak earlier after using suitable observing methods.

Healthcare treatment recommendations

Mobile devices and desktop computers access the clinical diagnosis and treatment decisions. The applications store the data of a patient with the help of patient feedback. With one click of a button, you can get the recommendations and can make a helpful decision more quickly.

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Marketing and customer services

Machinery makes it easy for business holders to collaborate and build conversational solutions to give a boost to their business. Al has changed the concept of customer service. In marketing, Al uses the data of a customer. Learning of a machine and other computational workings and concepts predict the action and inaction of a person. Machinery helps marketers to find out the interests of their customers, and it requires the vast amount of data that help marketers to segment them easily. Like the marketers collapse the data to create customized content for their target audience.

Stock trading advice

Al is useful in predicting future stock trading. Using the different data points and executed trades in the favorable and desired price, Al analyzes the market forecast with greater accuracy efficiently.

AL in social media monitoring tools

Al is the component of the popular social media we are using in the present era. Facebook and other apps use machine learning to serve you accordingly and provide you with the content to recognize you and target the users with advertising. Instagram, (Facebook-owned) uses Al for identifying visuals.

Songs and movie recommendations on Netflix youtube

With machine learning of your previous data Al recommend the movies and songs according to your taste and choices.


Google is using Al to help its users more accurately and to make it easy for users to enjoy their experience of using the google app. Google using Al mimic human intelligence. for instance, how google works for users in self-driving cars, google search, google map/location, image recognization software, etc.

What makes the machine intelligent?

Machine intelligence means it creates when machines are programed with some aspects of human intelligence which do not include all aspects. It includes problem-solving, prioritization, and learning with some of these abilities a machine can help a human being in solving their complex problems quickly.


Artificial intelligence presents the threat due to the particular technology weaknesses. With some hackers, a new means of a cyber attack can take place for the sake of some benefits. But it is an ample opportunity as well. We must think about how to redefine the Al for data protection. Wise governance at the global level will be essentially required to ensure data privacy and security.

by: Maira Babery

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