Now Use Facebook Messenger in Instagram

Facebook is merging with Instagram.

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Now Use Facebook Messenger in Instagram


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Facebook is merging with Instagram. New update rolling out for everyone on Android and iOS. It will pop up a message saying “there is a new way to message on Instagram”. It included a list of features like a “new colorful look”, “Chat with Facebook friends”, etc.

Once the app is updated, the Messenger’s icon will replace the icon of Direct Messages. Chats will become more colorful with messages shifting between purple and blue colors while your scroll. The ability to message Facebook friends is not available. It will be added soon.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO revealed plans to rebuild the underlying infrastructure to merge chatting functionalities for social media apps. The benefit of coss-platform is that millions of users easily chat within the company’s ecosystem. He wants this system to be end to end encrypted. It is a long term project going throughout 2020 and beyond.

By doing this, Facebook hopes to compete with Apple’s iMessage.

As for the Messenger and Instagram merger, it is not available for everyone. It has been spotted already, a global rollout should be coming shortly.

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