The science is moving rapidly towards shrinking the size of instruments awhile performing functions efficiently.

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The science is moving rapidly towards shrinking the size of instruments awhile performing functions efficiently. How much technology you can fit in the palm of your hand is the new kind of innovation. The industry of Micro-sensors is of prime importance in this regard. Previously, analog and manual systems are digitalized using this technology. The marker and indicators are now measured easily. In the field of medicine, these sensors have found their application in detecting and measuring various aspects of the body with minimally invasive techniques. This is just the beginning of this new era.

What are micro-sensors?

As the name clearly indicates micro means ‘small’ and sensors are detectors of any sort. These are small-
sized equipment that is used to measure some specific parameters digitals. Their parameters can be temperature, pressure, speed, intensity, light, etc. Due to their wide sensory range, these sensors have found their application in a variety of fields like automotive, aerospace, biomedical, telecommunications, environmental, agricultural, and other industries.

How do they work?

The basic principle on which the working of most of these sensors is based is the conversion of mechanical or non-electrical physical or chemical quantities into the digital signals. The sensors measure and detect a certain quantity for example speed and convert it into the digital or binary codes that are easily analyzed and interpreted and the measured quantity is then displayed.

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These miniature detectors serve several benefits and advantages. They are cost effective and easy to carry. The infrastructure of any industry doesn’t require drastic changes to fit in these tiny sensors. Moreover, these sensors are highly sensitive and measure the quantities accurately with greater precision. The range of these sensors is often reliable. Because of their small size, they have low power consumption. This is one of the characteristics of why these sensors are widely used.

Some example of micro-sensors

• Medicine- measures bodily parameters such as blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate accurately and precisely.

• Automobile- measures speed, acceleration, force, and pressure.

• Environment- measures wind speed, weather forecasts and detecting the presence of heavy metals and suspended particles in water.

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