Redmi note 7 vs. Samsung m20

So which of these 2 phones would you like to choose and buy?

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Redmi note 7 vs. Samsung m20


Mishal Shaheen


Redmi note 7 vs. Samsung m20
Redmi note 7 vs. Samsung m20

So which of these 2 phones would you like to choose and buy?


Looks? We feel the Redmi note 7 is a stellar looking phone and Samsung looks quite bland.


Display – The Redmi note 7 rocks with an IPS display which is going to be more accurate with better viewing angles than the Samsung m20’s TFT display.


Protection – the corning glass 5 on the Redmi note 7 is a clear winner to Samsung’s. We think they have just put a glass.


Let’s come to the performance first. Redmi note 7 will crush the Samsung m20 in this department. Better processor and a better GPU will CRUSH the gaming performance on the phone too. Multitasking will be a breeze on the Redmi note 7.


Now the camera – Mi will CRUSH the Samsung m20’s camera, especially in the low light. The front cameras are more or less going to be the same.

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Battery? Mi 4000 and Exynos 5000. But I think both will perform the same. Exynos has always failed in battery optimization. But Samsung comes with a fast charger. So they do have an upper hand here.

Latest Android

Latest Android? Redmi note 7 comes with Android P out of the box. And M20 is stuck to Oreo. So a big win again for the mi here.

Which phone is available right now?

Is phone available right now? M20. So if you want to buy a phone immediately and you love the Samsung brand – Go for it. And if not, then keep waiting for the Redmi note 7 like many millions out there right now.


But kudos to Samsung for the pricing on the m10 and m20. We think they are really good products considering Samsung has never made anything like this before.

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