Biometrics in Cameras

The scientists are working day and night to bring improvements in the sector of camera technology.

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Biometrics in Cameras


Sana Hassan

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The scientists are working day and night to bring improvements in the sector of camera technology. More and more sophisticated lenses are being made to capture life-like images with good color and contrasts. Efforts are also being made to combine biometric technology with the cameras. This will give the photographers a more personalized experience while using cameras.

Canon’s Fingerprint Authentication

Canon has been rumored to introduce the patent that suggests that it will have fingerprint ID on the camera as well as lenses. This feature will be helpful in personalizing the settings of the camera according to the user. The user can place the thumb on the detector and camera will automatically restore customized settings. This will allows multiple users to use the same device without the frustration of changing the setting again and again.

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This addition of the technology will also be helpful in locking out the unauthorized people out of the camera. It happens with amateurs that just randomly grab a camera and change settings as they like. Biometric will help against such people. As the camera will not operate until unless it is in the hands of the person who biometric data is already saved in the device. The loss of data and plagiarism can also be avoided through this technology.

Nikon’s Biometric Sensors

Nikon is also not far behind in floating the ideas about the very same technology. The idea behind the use of these biometric sensors might be a little different from Canon’s. Nikon states that the sensors for blood pressure, heart rate, pressure, perspiration, and temperature will be added to the camera. These additions are in efforts to understand the actual emotion behind the picture and mental state of the photographer while it was taken. The emotions behind the photos that are often lost while now add a layer of value to the picture. The emotions will be labeled on the photos as normal, joy, love, despair, sadness, etc.

When will this technology be available?

No words have been said by both of the company about when will such a device be commercially available. It isn’t clear either if the companies are working on introducing this product in the market.

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