Did you know about 5 new interesting WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is going to unveil its new 5 features that are really seems like interesting.

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5 new interesting Whatsapp features introduce


Hamza Hafeez

Whatsapp features introduce
Whatsapp features introduce
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WhatsApp is going to unveil its new 5 features that really seem like interesting.

Dark mode:

WhatsApp feature unveils it’s new of dark mode. The dark mode helps to user to allow inverts the colors to help reduce strain on eyes, especially after sunset.

Hide Mute Status:

WhatsApp feature of hiding mute status feature would not completely block the user and just hide the status from the status feed. The company is improving the WhatsApp feature by removing the muted status feed.

Quick Edit Media:

WhatsApp feature of Quick Edit Media feature is to allow users to make changes to media files sent or received. This WhatsApp feature is different from other editing tools that WhatsApp provides.

More Forwarded Info:

This WhatsApp feature allows handling fake news and misinformation on WhatsApp platform, the developers last year added a forwarded on a message that had been forwarded by the sender but in its upcoming update, the company is now going to improve this feature by adding a ‘frequently forwarded’ label.

QR code:

This WhatsApp feature will receive a unique QR code and will make it easier to add a new contact through QR codes.


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