PUBG: The New Game fever

The decade of sophisticated gaming gadgets and consoles, the debut for computer and mobile games is often very hard.

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PUBG: The New Game fever


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PUBG - The New Game Fever
PUBG – The New Game Fever
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The decade of sophisticated gaming gadgets and consoles, the debut for computer and mobile games is often very hard. But there are games that have made through all the hurdles very fast. Many games have enjoyed the top popularity levels for a very long time. Fortnite, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike are few of the names. The new online computer game PUBG that was introduced a few years ago gained immense popularity and people haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.

About Game and the Gameplay

Player’s unknown Battle Ground is a battleground game in which the last survivor standing in the game wins. The player can enter the game solo, duo or with a group of three to four people. The game starts with the player parachuting from the plane. The timing and place are important. The game offers map missions to be completed as well as the online missions with the other players.

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The inspiration behind the game is the Japanese movie Battle Royale. The game that belongs to a similar genre as the Counter-Strike is now much more popular.

Increasing popularity as a mobile game

The merchandise decided to introduce the gameplay on the cell phones as well. The game was computer-based previously. Since the introduction of this game on the cell phone, the popularity is on the rise. This gave a healthy competition to Fortnite which is the cell phone king. The popularity lead that was previously held by Fortnite belongs to PUBG now. The download and user statistics suggests the same.

PUBG mobile gets 2-millions Tournament

The increasing popularity of professional gaming has resulted in many large-scale tournaments for many games. Same goes with this game. The first 20 million tournaments for mobile PUBG are to be held in July this year. The tournament is split into two sessions Spring and the fall. The gamers professionals and semi-pro will compete from their regions. The regions are Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Middle East, Europe, South America, North America, South Korea, and India. The selected teams from the regions will be invited for the final global match.

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