Features of Android Q

Here are some features of Android Q. It is coming this May:

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Features of Android Q


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Here are some features of Android Q. It is coming this May:

Dark mode for battery saving

Google is clearly preparing a system-level dark mode for Android Q, and it’s technically available in this first beta. But it can be tricky to access, and for now, there’s no simple on or off switch. The easy method to test out dark mode is enabling battery saver mode, which turns a lot of the system’s white backgrounds to black. But battery saver also does other things to prolong your phone’s charge (like cutting off background processes), so this isn’t really a great thing to have running at all times.

Location settings

It used to be that applications had won huge or bust access to your region. At whatever point attested, they’d in all likelihood get to it despite when that application wasn't being used. Google is presently revising this with another decision that will allow you to set zone benefits for exactly when an application is in the closer view. Google observes that a few applications will even now have the ability to get to your region after you hit the home button or turn off the display.

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Customizable settings

At the point when an application recognizes that it cannot get to something it needs things like a data connection, Bluetooth, and so on, it can now consequently raise a menu that requests that you flip that particular setting on. No outing to the all-out settings menu is required.

Estimation of battery life

When you pull down the snappy settings menu in Android Q, the battery percentage icon will change over to a gauge for the measure of time you have left on that charge. This can clearly change rapidly relying upon how you utilize your phone. For instance, Pixel 3 XL never goes on for over two days, so while it's not really a thing you’ll need to depend on, it's somewhere around an advantageous reference.

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