It is a technological science applied on the basis of interaction between a computer, mobile or a related gadget with an end user on sensory levels.

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It is a technological science applied on the basis of interaction between a computer, mobile or a related gadget with an end user on sensory levels. These sensory levels may include vibrations, motions and
pressure. It involves kinesthetic communication that recreate sense of touch to the user.

Telerobotic System

Advanced robotic technology allows a human user to interact with the environment where the robot is placed. Haptic technology allows the user to sense tactically the interaction robot is making with its environment. This applies very interestingly to space robots that will soon in future allow space scientists to study about rocks and craters on other planets.

Video games

Video Games: Story of Evolution
Video Games: Story of Evolution

Haptic technology is recently being used in various video game devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and others. It optimizes gaming experience for the gamer. All gaming brands are racing for providing the best experience to the user by incorporating the use of different technologies. These technologies encompass various aspects of interaction on multiple levels that allows user to play a game with involvement of maximum senses.

Benefits for the blind

Haptic technology is a revolution for the physically handicapped, especially for people with impaired vision and blindness. Haptic interface device is used in the making of virtual 3D maps that allows people with blindness to feel layouts of different model structures. It helps them give an idea of the basic infrastructure of their locality, city or even the home they live in.

Aircraft Mechanics

User interaction is a critical aspect for people working in complex and delicate works like aircraft and air traffic control. Haptic technology allows people working in these fields to use their sensory motions like touch to interact easily with the output and signals displayed on their monitor screens.

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Military and Security Reasons

Highly delicate matters like bomb defusal, safety checks and airport security are prone to defects with the lack of adequate technology. It includes safety risk when people are directly in contact with it. Haptic technology, therefore, serves an important role in providing a tactile response without any risk of safety of the individuals involved.

Surgical use

Each day, we see an advancement in surgical procedures. From performing lesion removal from brain to a simple suture accurately. It requires practice and accuracy. Haptic technology comes in handy in assisting doctors and surgeons in completing their practice.


Companies like Nokia, Samsung and Apple are incorporating this revolutionary technology in their smartphones for navigation systems. Touch-based features in these phones will allow less input errors as compared to other phones. Samsung is trying to capitalize its benefits by the introduction of Anycall Haptic Phones. Nokia is focusing on instilling tactile touchscreens.

In conclusion

In conclusion, this technology is considered as one of the most promising technologies in the future as it covers nearly all aspects of life. Let’s hope technologists and scientists are able to apply this technology for peaceful purposes in a way that is convenient and time saving.

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