Technology that changed the future of Prosthetic

People have been using artificial limbs to defeat their disabilities.

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Technology that changed the future of Prosthetic


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future of Prosthetic
future of Prosthetic
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People have been using artificial limbs to defeat their disabilities. The use of prosthetics is always demanding of new innovations that require better technological advancements. There is a constant need for updating technology in this field as we are determined to provide experience to the disabled people that is the closest to the experience they get from real limbs.

Let’s see what technological advancements have been made in the world of prosthetics.

I-Limb Impulse

The Scottish company touch bionics is a leader in the development of high tech prosthetics and was the first company to commercially produce Bionic prosthetics for the upper limbs.

Island pulse

Currently more than 1200 patients worldwide use a limb product. In addition to the existing model another product has been developed, Island pulse, according to the developers, it is a modification of the first model. It allows for more movements some of them very subtle such as tying the shoelaces and fastening the strap.

What technology does Island Pulse use?

The island pulse uses a unique patented pulsating technology when moving the toes of prosthesis which increases the ability to manage the prosthesis and increases the strength of adhesion to the object.

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High frequency and High Control

When the fingers of the island grasp an object the user is able to use the pulsation function that assures control of the object. The high frequency electronic pulses are very important in everyday life as they enable precise and decisive movements.

Capability of I-Limb Pulses

In this case the aluminum casing and design features make the Island Pulse a fairly robust prosthesis is worth noting that the device is capable of carrying a load of up to 90 kg. In addition, the I Limb Pulses is a Bluetooth interface which allows the prosthesis technicians to select individual settings for each user.

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