Wireless chargers: Are they worth it?

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Wireless chargers: Are they worth it?


Sana Hassan

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The tech giants Apple, Samsung, LG have launched wireless chargers not long ago. Just mount up your cell phone onto the charging plate and let the charging begin. These chargers did not get a warm response like other innovations to do. The reason behind this cold shoulder is the increase of a few inconveniences that accompanied the loss of cord. The entanglement stories decreased with the introduction of newer issues. Here is why these chargers are not so popular.

The technology is relatively new

In order to be able to use these chargers, you need to phone that support the option of wireless charging. Considering the age of this technology, these phones are only introduced by famous companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and LG. The debut in other companies is yet to be made. Until then they will remain fairly unpopular.

The slow charging speed

Of the people that already have this charging option, many tend to rely on the conventional cord method to charge their phones. The reason behind this is the slower speed as compared to the plug-in charging. Wireless charging uses the process of electromagnetic induction to charge. In simple words, it is basically the indirect transfer of energy (electrical) from one object to another.

This is obviously less effective than the direct connection to the electricity’s source. Moreover, these chargers are low power hence the charging speed is obviously slow. Speed is also affected by the company difference between the cell phone and the charger.

The usage while charging

Although it is not a good practice, let’s be honest we all use the cell phone while charging. The wireless chargers don’t offer this freedom. You can’t a phone call while wireless charging. Also, on lying down and scrolling through the Insta-feed while charging. In a way, cord offers this freedom of use.

They are not entirely Wireless

These chargers need to be plugged into the socket to charge the phone. The only loss of wire they offer is between the cell phone and the charger. Hence, these wireless chargers are not so wireless after all.

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The future

If you are able to afford these fancy chargers and usually charge the cell phone overnight, these gadgets could be your best friend. If not, then stick to the wire. The innovation is on the way as the wireless charger upgrade. The completely wireless devices are being made that are able to charge multiple devices if present within the device’s proximity. These devices are yet to hit the market.

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