‘What ‘a Paratha’ makes efficient use of WhatsApp

The best paratha place that originated in Lahore not long ago has proven itself to be an epitome of Innovation.

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‘What ‘a Paratha’ makes efficient use of WhatsApp


Sana Hassan

What ‘a Paratha
What ‘a Paratha

The best paratha place that originated in Lahore not long ago has proven itself to be an epitome of Innovation. From the introduction of a new variety of Parathas and Wraps, this food is making its mark in improving the consumer services as well. Its availability on food Panda was a big step in towards the ease of ordering. The current update is a step forward as well.

The new way of ordering food

This successful food chain has recently launched a number where the users can now place the order over WhatsApp. If you don’t have Food Panda due to low storage, but you have WhatsApp problem solved. You can now save the number, open it in your app and send a message to place the order.


This innovation will prove to have a lot of advantages over the food Apps.

The ease of placing orders

This allows the consumer the ease of placing an order. Plus, this provides both sides an instant way of communication. There is no delay for the order if it has been placed of not and no delay to talk to the respective employee. This will ensure the process of entertaining all the consumers effectively within a short period of time.

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Ease of sharing location

The option of the WhatsApp in which the user is allowed to share location with the time limit can also be utilized effectively. The location can be shared with what ‘a Paratha and they will deliver right on point. Unlike the food apps where you have to type in the address and the delivery guy almost never knows the place, he is supposed to deliver. Moreover, long tiresome conversation explaining the address can also be avoided. The Google Maps and GPS system can be utilized effectively to guide the delivery guys to the destination.

Another type of benefit you can get from What ‘a Paratha

Being low on self-motivation what we can get from this food chain is the courage to stand out and to believe in ourselves. Imran Sarfaraz, the young entrepreneur and the man behind the idea of new Parathas says that believe is need to kick start anything. To face the hurdles and not giving up on dreams is needed to stand out and make a difference.

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