War between Apple and Facebook

Apple has disabled Facebook and Google’s internal applications. This happened when the information authorities revealed privacy violations.

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War between Apple and Facebook


Mishal Shaheen

Apple has disabled Facebook and Google’s internal applications. This happened when the information authorities revealed privacy violations. It made Google and Facebook employees stand at a critical stage for their future operations.

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Apple VS Facebook
Apple VS Facebook

World War 4 has begun

World War 4 has begun. Apple is an important company that makes phones and laptops with addition to software. It failed Google’s attempt to launch enterprise software certificate for iOS. The enterprise software certificate by Google is a software certificate that lets Google have its own internal apps without going through the App Store. So Apple failed it. Now all of Google’s features like betas of Gmail, YouTube, and Maps on iOS are shut down. Even the Google’s own internal apps like the one that shows them the menus in the café are shut. This literally just happened.

Apple did the same to Facebook

This follows the fact that Apple did this to Facebook a few days ago. It ripped apart the enterprise certificate for Facebook. Now people can no longer have a look at their bus schedule. They cannot test up reviews of Instagram.

Apple VS Facebook
Apple VS Facebook

Why did this happen?

This is all in revenge to both Facebook and Google running research apps — user research apps. This is the base for privacy violation.

So there are plenty of market research apps. There are also kinds of companies that will pay you 20 or 50 dollars, give you a gift card in exchange for some amount of your time. Typically, you will just sort of answer a bunch of questions about the product and the competition. What made this really different was that they were using a program designed to let companies test apps internally in order to do market research with their customers. After Apple became aware of it, they pulled the plug and said no.

Facebook and VPN company

Facebook owned a VPN called Onavo. They let people install Onovo protectors, and the app ran all the traffic through this VPN to say you were more secure.

What was Facebook doing?

Facebook was monitoring this traffic to see which apps were taking off, which features you were using. So this is how they discovered that WhatsApp was taking off. So Facebook is monitoring user behavior on the iPhone through this app.

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Apple saw Facebook monitoring user data. That’s why they banned Onovo protect. But it turns out, the same code and the headers of the research app were being used for this Facebook research.

Facebook is installing side-loaded apps through this research program. They’re using their enterprise certificate to get on the phone. Right? They wanted this to happen.

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