Ufone goes 4G/LTE

As an amazing and widely trusted telecommunication company, Ufone has always met the consumers’ demands.

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Ufone goes 4G/LTE


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As an amazing and widely trusted telecommunication company, Ufone has always met the consumers’ demands. Marketing skills and good connectivity has always won over many customers. The easy packages, offers, and super cards have made it into a widely used network. Low cost and consumers’ satisfaction has always been a priority.

Upgrade to 4G

In previous years the company advocated the 3G network and said that it is stable and enough to handle all the load of the current costumer. Service quality is also maintained. But the company is now expanding its limits and launching the 4G network.

4G Service Areas

Ufone has quietly rolled out the service in the areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The local franchise and the company itself, has confirmed the news. The screenshot and related hash-tags are also seen trending on Twitter.

How to check the availability?

The availability of the 4G on your Ufone SIM card can be checked by dialing *4# on the cell phone. If the service is available following message appears: –

4G/LTE handset-yes

4G/LTE SIM-yes

4G/LTE Coverage-yes

Dear user, you are ready for Ufone 4G/LTE quality service experience.

Investment Amount

The amount to set up this new upgrade has not been revealed. The company hasn’t announced a figure as yet. It has been confirmed that the company has all relevant mandatory approvals to make to launch. About the investment figure, the company says “You can appreciate that such a roll-out requires significant investment” quotes

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Concerns surrounding the 4G network

The concern with this launch is the effect on 3G/2G customers. The company’s new launch is on the same spectrum that supports the 3G and 2G. If the spectrum is further split up to provide the 4G, there are chances that the speed and availability will be affected. When asked, the company seemed confident with the current launch without compromising and affecting the already available services. It has also been observed that the speed on 3G is a little bumpy with the rollout but, that is due to the work under process. Improvements are to be seen in the coming days and the condition will be stabilized once the launch is completed country-wide. No words have been said regarding this till now.

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