The War of Technology in Mobile Phones

We are living in a modern age and now we are no more surprised to see the growing technologies in mobile phones.

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The War of Technology in Mobile Phones


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The War of Technology in Mobile Phones

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We are living in a modern age and now we are no more surprised to see the growing technologies in mobile phones. Certainly, we are going to be addicted to these marvelous changes. Although we don’t find any keypad in these new gadgets, yet there’s a touch screen that works keypad. About a decade or more years ago, there was a time, when mobile was considered as a sign of status and prestige. Looking like a large brick, the old mobile phones had quickly become a passé. And now the mobile phone is smaller, cheaper, attractive and even fitting to your palm. Among all the modern calling gadgets i.e. the smart mobile phones, the color screen is a virtual requirement. These screens are taking up the entire mobile phone to keep you hooked up with your contacts and other entertaining stuff.

Within only a few years, the development of mobile phone hardware and applications has got so fast, that it has made most of the operating systems and mobile devices absolutely outdated and out fashioned as well. Now we see the mobile phone technology that’s consistently evolving and improving in the latest smartphones in four major areas.

A most instinctive interface

The War of Technology in Mobile Phones

Although eye tracking technology is being used in the latest mobile phones, yet it’s so far to be completed. The modern smartphones possess the ability to sense movement of the user’s eyes and head including the location. In many mobile phones, the sensor technology can sense, whenever the user is staring at the screen and when looking away from it. The latest smartphones can put the video on hold and start when the user looks at the screen again. Moreover, the modern mobile phones have been featured with the “Accelerometer”, that senses the vertical and horizontal positions. Moving the phone, from a vertical to landscape position changes the orientation, which is a simple and common example regarding the “Accelerometer” feature. It also works when the phone is tilted backward or forward, the page in view also scrolls up and down accordingly.

Human Gestures Integration

Microsoft has introduced a unique set of some basic gestures for its latest Windows 8 user interface in her touch screen mobile devices. The set of unique gestures can help the user in tapping, pressing, holding, sliding, swiping turning, pinching and stretching as well. Such devices can recognize a human face, fingerprint, and can be operated just by hovering the hand or finger on a screen.

Multitasking & Multi Windows Capabilities

Now the user has the opportunity to work in multiple windows of different applications. At the same time, the user can enjoy songs on YouTube, play a game and open the browser to surf the web conveniently.

Dual Camera Views Facilitation

Most of the smartphones are now providing dual cameras to its users. The user can use both the cameras to make videos of surroundings or take a self-shot image. Mobile video calling is also an additional feature in the latest smartphones.



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