The Reality of Black Friday

Everyone has craze for shopping & so many are greedy for something extra all the times, By the way its human nature also…

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Black Friday

Black Friday was started from in Philadelphia USA. The “Black Friday” is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving Day; it was started after the 4th Thursday of November.History tells that it was happening with some of big shopping offers in Christmas season and due to offers there was big crowd on roads and so many traffic jams, and accidents were happened.

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The Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United State of America since 2005 and now this Friday has developed a big name in all over the world.

Spending on Black Friday

Spending volume of money on Black Friday is acceding every year in billion dollars in all over the world.

In the tough computation between retailers customers always getting big benefits. Especially on Black Friday offers the scene has been totally changed with shocking discounts. In USA, Canada or Europe people asleep one night before at front of stores as they announce big offers for shoppers.

The Black Friday trends has also makes a big space in e-commerce stores. This year Amazon has already launched its Black Friday Store for shopping lovers and almost 65% of online stores follow black Friday trend with unbelievable deals, 50% off offers and buy one get 3 free and many more.

But in Muslim countries the scene is totally changed due to believe of Muslims on Friday. In Pakistan retailers and e-commerce stores participate on this day but they change campaign name with “Blessed Friday, White Friday, Green Friday” and some thing other but not “Black Friday”.

In 2017 after one petition Islamabad’s High Court has reportedly been asked to decide whether the Black Friday shopping campaigns run “contrary to Islamic teachings”.

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