The bright side of Social Media

The modern generation blamed for the excessive usage of internet and social media.

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The bright side of Social Media


Sana Hassan

bright side of Social Media
bright side of Social Media

The modern generation blamed for the excessive usage of internet and social media. But like everything else it, social media too has its pros and cons. The words are it is destroying our real lives, maybe to some extent. But the words are not entirely true. On one hand, social media has led to addiction and easily available Dopamine on another hand it has made us more self-aware and resourceful about certain traditions and aspects of life.

Awareness but Mental Health

The modern generation is more aware but the importance of Mental Health. Various health care pages and posts have enabled the generation of the internet to be more self-aware but themselves and the beloved around them. The shades of black and backwardness that surrounds the seeking of medical help if, in case of mental health are fading away. Our generation recognizes the indicators of degrading mental health more efficiently than the previous generation.

Addressing Social Issues

Although some pictures are presenting the negative sides of what’s been brought to the light. There are a lot of positive aspects to this as well. Internet users are more aware of the absurdities that prevail in society under the name of traditions and cultures. Many campaigns have remained popular over the Internet at a different time. Many of these were very positive and imparted tangible knowledge among people. The Hashtag of #jahaiz khori band kro, #auratmarch and #rishtaculture are some of these.

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Awareness about Human Rights and Justice

The easily available Internet and e-content have made this generation more aware of their rights. The young people don’t settle for less, they question and they demand what they deserve. The awareness about the political situation and the well-being of the country is their priority. They question their leaders and demand to be entertained with justice.

The Outspoken and the Chain Breakers

The modern generation is not stopping at the acquisition of knowledge. They are hell-bound to utilize it. The torch-bearers of change and revolution don’t want change; they want to be the change. With awareness and knowledge, this generation is less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past. Rather than learning from them and make choices for good.

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