The Addiction of Cell Phones

The gadget that was supposed to make our lives easier has become an essential part of our lives.

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The Addiction of Cell Phones


Sana Hassan

Addiction of Cell Phones
Addiction of Cell Phones

The gadget that was supposed to make our lives easier has become an essential part of our lives. The tool of choice has become a need. We are all overly attached and overly addicted to this invention. This addiction is so prevalent and widespread that we see the hands of every young adult tied to the phone. The easier has now turned into difficult and chronic addiction.

How does addiction work?

When we are happy a chemical called dopamine is released. This chemical makes us feel better and good. This is the same chemical that is produced when we gamble, consume drugs or alcohol. Hence, cell phone
using an addiction which is not considered as bad as the other addiction. So, whenever we feel that need to be happy, we turn to our cell phones.

The consequences

This type of addiction can result in various consequences which include many negative impacts on our lives.

Easily Available Happiness

This instant dose of happy chemical gives us the false assumption that happiness is instant and readily available without making any significant effort. Reality is far different from that. Real life is a blend of struggle and happiness. A long series of consistent struggle bore the fruit of happiness, which is often short-lived. Thus, when the hard part of life strikes, we turn to drugs or take an easy way, our cell phones. We text people and when they reply we get dopamine. This provides us an escape from the bitter reality.

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The inability to function in the Real World

Most people with this kind of addiction fail to function properly. They expect immediate result with least effort and often no investment. Much like what happens in their cell phones. They take out a few minutes to type a text and expect a reply which often immediate. The world overall is fast pacing, but on an individual level things change at a slow pace and good things take a lot of time. The long time is not what
the addicts are ready for.

The Repetitive Cycle

The cycle of this addiction is repeated whenever there is a need for dopamine. It also results in a very short concentrations pan. For example, we are studying and not able to learn anything. We immediately turn to cell phone watch a random funny video which makes us feel better and then we keep going on. The study is left far behind in the search of short-termed happiness.


This addiction spreads the air of disinterest around us. It gives the people around us the image that we are simply not interested, which is very rude and fatal for the real-life connection. The balance is the key. Misuse should always be avoided.

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