Technology and Procrastination

The modern technology has increased the ways we could adapt to keep ourselves entertained.

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Technology and Procrastination


Sana Hassan

Technology and Procrastination
Technology and Procrastination
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The modern technology has increased the ways we could adapt to keep ourselves entertained. More ways mean more chances we will want to shut off work and scroll through social media.

Every started studying for exams and felt like going through Instagram for 5 minutes which later turned into one hour? Yes! We have all been there. Same goes with doing a task. You started cleaning your room notification popped up and next thing you know if you are chatting in a group.

How is it related?

Procrastination is an act of putting things off until the last hour or entirely drops doing the task. It is human nature to find an entertaining thing to do rather than work. When the technology is involved the urge is heightened. A movie will give you the dose of dopamine easily without much effort. In the case of work, it is an hour of effort before you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Part of it also lies in the fact that we rely on many automatic machines to do our daily chores. All of this equipment is available in the device with a lot of distraction. For example, you need to do some calculation for your assignment. You have a calculator in your cell phone, so you did bother bringing the calculator. You take out the cell phone and use the calculator. The story doesn’t end here. You will most definitely go through other apps. Play a game or leaving a comment on friends post (or in my case watch a lot of cat video till I lose the sense of task and time).

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How to avoid this?

Although the brain is a factor here, with the changes in behavior the brain can be rewired into doing the productive task. After a time it will become a habit and you will increase your focus. Following are some of the things you can adapt to avoid the distraction.

1. Meditate: this will allow you to increase your focus in the work and avoid the distraction. Few minutes of calm will help you organize and track the work that needs to be done.

2. Avoid distraction: when you are doing the intended task, avoid distractions. Put your cell phone away or switch it off if necessary.

3. Take small breaks: taking breaks between the long intervals on work. This will help you regain focus and energy.

4. Set up deadlines: if there is no external deadline involved, give yourself one. Set up time for the task that needs to be done. Reward yourself with the episode after not in the breaks.

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