Technologies that will blow your mind

This article contains information on two latest technologies that will change your everyday life.

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Technologies that will blow your mind


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This article contains information on two latest technologies that will change your everyday life.

1) APIS Cor

Construction has always been a complex and time consuming process but as technology advances, this has changed the construction of new buildings that uses 3D printing which is one of the most popular processes on the market used today.

Mobile Printing

The novelty of this industry is mobile printing. The APIS Cor 3D mobile printer prints by being inside the
building under construction. It is a rotating arm with a single point coverage area of 132 square meters. The device is small in size, easy to transport and requires no preparation time before construction. The installation and configuration of the APIs requires no more than 30 minutes.

Other features

The dimensions of the prints are quite compact and reach 4 by 1.6 by 1.5 meters. The innovative machine weighs two tons making it possible to use standard special equipment for transport. Another distinguishable feature is the number of people needed to work with APIS Cor to trained workers can fully control the entire process including the material flow for the printing of the construction, fiber concrete, a kind of cement concrete is used in the way material is dispensed and applied layer by layer reducing the possibility of construction waste to zero.

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2) Amazon PrimeAir

Amazon began using small drones to send small purchases to customers in the UK in 2016. This can be considered a major breakthrough in the use of drones. At the moment, the drones deliver purchases weighing up to 2.3 kg and they do so in half an hour.

Amazon’s flying messenger service

Amazon’s flying messenger service is a helicopter with propellers and a computerized control system that’s installed in the center and top of the frame. The maximum flies altitudes for the drones developed by the company is 120 meters. The speed of the device in the air reaches to 80 km/h but the design and features continue to improve. The so called drone tower is also being actively developed from where the drones will fly with the orders and then return.

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