Sophia: The Robot

2016 was the dream comes true when Sophia was introduced to the real world.

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Sophia: The Robot


Sana Hassan

Sophia: The Robot
Sophia: The Robot
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2016 was the dream comes true when Sophia was introduced to the real world. The first humanoid, one of its kinds, Sophia, managed to leave the world in awe. It is a representation of what path Artificial Intelligence might take in the future. This cohesion of machine and human-like intelligence has left the world baffled with the goals that were achieved a few years ago.

The Humanoid

It is a combination of two words ‘human’ and ‘noids’. The term literally means the ‘human-like machine’. Sophia is the definition of it. It almost seems like AI made its way out of the fiction into the reality. One of the special features in this robot is the combination of robotic and human responses. This AI analyzes the circumstances and scenarios and responds accordingly, some of these responses are human based. Thus, the maker suggests that this AI has feelings too. It is also capable of analyzing human gestures and the technology has equipped it with the features where she can express through 50 facial expressions.

Sophia on destroying Human

Sophia: The Robot
Sophia: The Robot

In March 2016, Sophia’s creator asked her if she wants to destroy humans. Her response wasn’t quite positive. She said ‘OK. I will destroy humans.’ But it was a sort of technical glitch that led her to say that. Hanson, the creator agreed that the proper framework needs to be laid down to assess the extent of abilities of these machines. For now, Sophia isn’t fully awake and doesn’t have a conscious. Apart from being the center of attraction in various shows, Sophia has a twitter account and the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Last but not least, she has also been on a date with Will Smith!

Sophia’s little sister

At the end of this January Hanson’s Robotics announced a new addition to Sophia’s family. Sophia’s sister is a mini-bot that looks just like Sophia, but smaller. This 14 inches tall, anime like doll has many capabilities just like her big sister. These abilities include singing, dancing, walking and telling jokes etc. The primary purpose of this Robot is more educational than recreational. It will do much more than telling jokes. Little Sophia is specifically designed to teach coding and AI tech to the kids.

The company is already taking pre-orders and the little bots are expected to be distributed by the end of the year 2019. It is said that this innovation will result in the increase in the popularity of AI as human companions. Moreover, it will also promote the positive image of AI throughout the world, not as destroyers we see in movies.

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