Solutions against Cyber Crimes

The first step in moving towards the solution of the problem is, knowing the problem.

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Solutions against Cyber Crimes


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Solution against cyber crime
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The first step in moving towards the solution of the problem is, knowing the problem. We now know the majority of crimes that fall under this category. In the following article, we will discuss the ways in which these crimes can be dealt with.

Inco-operating Cyber Laws

The first and the foremost step that should be taken globally is forming cyber-laws. These crimes should be regarded as serious offenses and should be punishable just like any other crime. ANNAKOURNOVIKOVA is a virus that caused billion dollar damage to IT industry. Its developer was only given 150 hours of  community service because online theft doesn’t fall into the category of “armed robbery”. This clearly indicates lack of proper legislature in this field.

Improved tools and tracing techniques

These crimes can rarely be traced back to original criminals. Anyone can be a user of a computer in net café used to hack into the bank security system. Anyone can set up a fake profile. Proper record keeping should be initiated in these café. Record of the time logs and id numbers should be maintained against a specific PC. Moreover, sensitive tracing techniques should be devised and widely implemented.

Use of Protection Software

Use anti-virus, ad-blockers, anti-malware for the protection of data on pc as well as online. These blockers prevent the automatic opening of pop-ups. The download of unwanted files can also be prevented. Avast, Norton, Bullguard, McAfee are some of the software that provides protection against malicious programs.

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Strong Passwords

For online accounts use strong passwords as well as the two-factor authentication. These authentications are in a form of pin codes or personalized questions. Never use the same email ID and passwords for multiple accounts.

In a recent event, the data of millions of email addresses from across the internet were posted online for anyone to download. The hacker has not been traced yet. Such data is a resource for hackers, as they can use hit and trial method to gain access at different forums.

Social Media settings

Know and manage your social media settings and keep them private. Hackers usually gain data easily if privacy isn’t strong enough. Keep your ‘digit-foot print’ as low as possible.


In the end, it is impossible to eradicate these crimes. What can be done is to get protection against them. In the modern world, where technology has become a necessity, we can’t stay away from it. The need of the hour is to take precautionary measures against it and report the crime if fall victim to it.

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