Social Media Marketing Trends: All You Need to Know Today!

Social media has exploded since the onslaught of the COVID pandemic in 2021, and social media trends have changed as a result. It is like a high-speed whirlwind, but it’s also difficult to handle.

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Social Media Marketing Trends: All You Need to Know Today!

Social media has exploded since the onslaught of the COVID pandemic in 2021, and social media trends have changed as a result. It is like a high-speed whirlwind, but it’s also difficult to handle. Taking advantage of these shifts will improve your marketing strategy if you know how they impact your business.

To help you understand the social media trends and opportunities for 2021, we’re going digital. Here goes!

1. Use Live Streaming to Connect

People both for personal and business reasons need to stay connected. As a result, technology is more than happy to step in and bridge the gap when face-to-face communication is not possible. This pandemic has been made easier by social media new trends. It is likely that live streaming will continue to play a significant role in 2021, having grown in popularity in 2020.

Learning and exploring in live streams has become the norm as people reach out to satisfy their need for social contact and engagement. Therefore, let me share one of our top tips based on social media trends for business in 2021…

Be active on social media at least once a week! You should also end your message with something valuable that you can sell to your audience.

2. Provide something free to your audience.

Aside from cultivating relationships, one of the most valuable outcomes of maintaining a social media presence is list building. Utilize your call to action when you post on social media to build your list. Give away free offers to facilitate this process. Selling something isn’t always about money. It is your list of potential customers that hold the key to the most successful sales.

To obtain something they value, people are willing to exchange their contact information. Your blog posts may not be read in their entirety by some people. One way of appealing to your prospects is by providing a summary of your most significant blog posts, or by offering access to a hidden page on your site that includes these summaries.

Here are some other free options:


  • Access to slides from a conference
  • In-depth guides and tutorials
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses
  • Free reports


3. Use video to highlight your brand’s personality

That’s great news! Building your online presence, attracting an audience, and building loyalty with video still has plenty of room for improvement. Don’t think, “Really? Isn’t YouTube a saturated market?”.

That’s true, indeed. The popularity of YouTube has grown exponentially, and it remains the top video channel. However, it’s a great place for brands to build their brands through content that features their personalities. You can differentiate yourself from others and stand out by using your unique personality. Do what makes you happy, be yourself, and enjoy yourself! Create videos to connect with others, and grow your tribe!

You don’t have to stop with YouTube. Find a niche on other video channels as well. Check out these ideas!




4. Utilize carousels on LinkedIn and Instagram to stand out

Let’s embrace social media marketing trends in 2021 with engaging, movement-based content ideas! If you can jazz up your LinkedIn posts with carousels, why stick with static posts? Exactly! Slide shows can be created and published! You can use them to stand out in a sea of text-based LinkedIn posts and build awareness for your company page.

There is no charge for publishing carousel posts, as opposed to LinkedIn ads. Posts in this category engage people with eye-catching, dynamic visual displays and take up more real estate in feeds. Always end with a clear call to action!

In addition, Instagram users gain a lot from using carousels. Users can scroll past the lead image if they don’t like it, and the second image is displayed in their feed. There is another opportunity for engagement.

Share a Carousel Post on LinkedIn with these ideas


  • Numbers, statistics, and infographics
  • with step-by-step instructions
  • provide actionable business tips and lessons
  • from conference slides and event presentations
  • snippets from your blog/articles


5. Using email and e-newsletters is still a tried and true method

Yes, use e-news to let your readers know when you publish a new article: “This blog is going viral right now!”. Using emails and e-news to share your new articles is still one of the greatest ways to grab attention. Make sure you grow your list! Next, highlight your favorite content on social media.

Use creative calls to action (CTA) that encourage prospects to trade their contact information for tips, how-to instructions, and entertainment they value in exchange for permission-based subscriber list opt-ins.

When there are so many new trends in social media, it can be challenging to figure out how to utilize them effectively. There is a big difference between knowing that these social media trends exist for business and knowing how to use them to maximize your success!

Let’s discuss social media marketing and how it can help your business!

6. Audio-Visual Content vs. Links

Instead of directing viewers to your published content, use video, images, and audio to captivate their attention on social media platforms. The goal of social media channels is to keep people on their platforms so they can influence them through advertisers’ campaigns.

It’s only natural to want people to get to your content, sign up for your giveaways, and more. An easy social media trends 2021 strategy is to use the first comment under your post to post your link!

7. Participate in social media discussions with your tribe

Answer comments on your social media content in a timely manner. Engaging with people on social media makes sense, but shouldn’t you keep them engaged as well? That is what social media is all about, after all!

Don’t let unattended comments fester on your posts. You run the risk of losing prospects’ attention if you leave them hanging. You will develop relationships, trust, and sales if you engage with them!

8. Timing is everything

You get the most traffic from your social media post during the first 10 minutes. It’s important to share the word and get the word out, especially if you’re going to live-stream the event. Every week, conduct your live stream at the same time and on the same day. This will allow your audience to schedule it into their schedules.

What is the purpose of the one-off live stream? To reach out to multiple channels in advance. Send out emails, e-newsletters, and social media posts in advance to let people know what your events are. Utilize your connections with people who are supportive of your efforts and ask them to spread the word.

9. Social media comments and bookmarks are powerful

Your audience expects you to curate useful content for them. It doesn’t matter where you work, you provide expertise, guidance, and resources to your audience. Since you can’t create everything, you should find reputable sources of content to share. This is where social bookmarking sites come in!

People need to find other ways to signify their approval of posts they enjoyed or found useful as social media platforms toy with the idea of doing away with likes (e.g., Facebook and Instagram).

The visual-centric social media platform Instagram has become increasingly influential in marketing and is one of the most popular visual-centric trends. Rather than just liking your Instagram posts, encourage your followers to save them (for better brand awareness). Include a call to action in your image and caption. An encouraging caption such as “Bookmark this!” may suffice.

What other ways can your business benefit from these savings?

7 Reasons Why Social Media Bookmarks Are Beneficial


  • Prepare resources that you will need at a later date.
  • Disseminate resources to members of your audience or team.
  • Make the content more searchable by tagging it (labeling it).
  • Promote your website with backlinks from social bookmarks.
  • Attract visitors to your site. (People find and click on content saved by others to their bookmarking sites.)
  • Take advantage of mentions from others (bookmark articles that mention your content).
  • Utilize search engine optimization. When searching, bookmarks are shown frequently on search results pages.

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10. Engage social media users by asking questions

Interested in promoting social media discussions and engagement? Use questions to open communication. Be engaging. If you ask a provocative question, people will be more inclined to share their opinions. “Agree?” doesn’t stimulate discussion because it’s a vague yes-or-no question.

Questions that Encourage Discussion


  • I want to know more. Can you share a story about your experiences with _____? (Fill in the blank.)
  • What have you gained from ________? (Fill in the blank.)
  • Since when did you last _________? (Fill in the blank.)
  • What is your favorite memory associated with ________? (Fill in the blank.)
  • Is there any chance that _______ will happen? On what basis have you reached that conclusion? (Fill in the blank.)

11. Self-seeking

Well, that’s an interesting term. I’ll give it some thought. The spotlight is enjoyed by influential leaders and industry players. If they did not, they would not be influential. You should tag at least one influencer in your post and ask them to share it.

12. Commerce using social media

Consumer shopping decisions have become increasingly influenced by social media. These new social media trends have resulted in some platforms introducing shopping carts. With a social media platform like Facebook, your customers can find out about your products and services.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram want users to stay on their platforms as long as possible. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their tools. The platform and you will both benefit.

13. Authenticity: The Power of Humanized Brands

This growing trend may have been noticed by you as well. In their relationships, consumers value authenticity and transparency-and that ideal rubs off on how they feel about the brands that they support.

Pros predict that 2021 will be the year that social media marketing trends reveal who you are and what you’re about. Additionally, customers are more likely to reward businesses that align with socially-aware themes.

Let your light shine and lean into yourself. Share your stories. There is a tribe out there waiting to support you and your business!

By: M Billal Shah

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