Smartphone Zombies

The changing trends in technology are changing the style of living. Life without cell phones has become impossible.

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Smartphone Zombies


Sana Hassan



The changing trends in technology are changing the style of living. Life without cell phones has become impossible. We see cell phone tied to the hands of everyone be it young or an adult. The sidewalks, public transport, colleges, and even offices are filled with the users of this technology. In free time people, now a day, prefer to scroll through their feed rather than talking with another human being. The addiction to Cell Phones and Social media is taking over the world. Merge of cell phones and human is making them into the Smart Phone zombies.

What is Smart Zombie?

Sombie or Smart Phone Zombie is a relatively new term used in pop culture. It is used to describe a person that is walking with its cell phone in the hand unaware of the surroundings. We see Sombies everywhere the phenomenon is becoming more widespread throughout the world. It is similar to a virus taking over the world.

The associated problems

Many problems are being generated by this issue. First, a Sombie is completely unaware of its surrounding. Ignorant of the fact that there might be traffic around or another person could be standing close by. People walking around unaware are causing serious accidents. We see videos of people crossing roads while using cell phone missing the truck hit by inches.


Moreover, the ignorance associated with cell phone usage is making people less sensitive. For example, you are too busy using the cell phone that you fail to notice an elderly woman standing next to you that might need help with the load she is carrying. The blame is on us when the elderly say that the new generation is insensitive, have no morals and know nothing about the traditions and values.

Management and Mitigation

Many opinions are present in general public related to this widespread problem. Some cites are introducing special side-walks to manage this problem. While others are implementing fines and sign to limit the usage.

South Korea has implemented high tech Zebra crossing that warns Sombie of the passing car. Chongqing and Antwerp have exclusive side-walks for the zombies. While China has introduced penalties for affecting traffic and other pedestrians. The embedded signals were also introduced for the pre-occupied users to safely crossroads.

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