Smart Glasses – Smart watch for your face

North focals recently launched smart watches for faces – yes! Smart glasses.

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Smart Glasses – Smart watch for your face!


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Mishal Shaheen

North focal recently launched smart watches for faces – yes! Smart glasses. These act like just smart watches on your wrists and the biggest deal that they look just like ordinary eye glasses. It is like a glimpse of the future!

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Smart Glasses
Smart Glasses

A little laser when turned on from an ordinary pair of glasses will make anyone surprised by the technology. So let’s have a glimpse on its features.

The whole package starts from 1000$ which is a crazy price, but since the technology is new and fascinating, we forgive the expensive


1) Tech works well, few issues

2) Look like normal glasses

3) More reasonable pricing structure


1) Poor app support, particularly for texting on iOS

2) Mapping feature often failed and doesn’t have transit directions

3) Require nightly charging routine

They pair over Bluetooth to your phone and act like any other wearable. They show notifications, can call an Uber, and have Alexa built in. They’re controlled through a ring called the Loop, which is both a joystick and a button. The Focals won’t replace your phone, however; they are merely an accessory for it.

There are no driving directions because North doesn’t want people using these while they drive. So the mapping feature is only available while you are walking.

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I can’t recommend the Focal by North for iPhone users, particularly because of the iMessage problem. Android users, however, will be able to use their usual phone number, so if you’re willing to spend at least $600 on a smartwatch for your face.

If you want to go for them, it is a good step towards upgrading your technology game, but it is a little expensive decision. So I recommend you should go for them if you are choosing it out of real interest.

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