NEWS: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup arrives with four new models

Meet the S10, S10+, S10 E and S10 5G.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 lineup arrives with four new models


Mishal Shaheen



Meet the S10, S10+, S10 E and S10 5G.

The Galaxy S10 is all new

The Galaxy S10 is all new and when we looked at what consumer needs are everybody has a different
taste and different preference. A decade into making these phones, consumers are more educated, and
they know what they are looking for and they have very specific needs so that’s why this year we’ve
decided to give them more choices.

Performance device

The Galaxy S10 is really designed for that person who wants that performance device, looking for that
next phone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has really upped all specs across the board for somebody
who’s really knowing for next level. Some people want a premium device but still in a compact form.
This series has all the premium features that people are looking for, but just in a compact device.

They have introduced 5G

They have introduced 5G, knowing that it will be rolling out in selective markets. This is not a hone that
will connect to a fast network if its really going to be a phone that can give people next-level experience
so that’s why some features are enhanced.

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Display and camera

For example, the screen is 6.7 inch. It still fits in your hands. There are additional cameras like a 3D
depth camera to enable those advanced experiences beyond just taking great photos but things like
Augmented Reality experience and interactive experience.

Battery and price

The battery is of 4500 mA which is a good battery life for the series. The Galaxy S10 E starts with 749.99
dollars, the galaxy S10 starts at 899.99 dollars, the Galaxy S10 Plus will be 999.99 dollars. They are now
available for pre-orders from 21 st February 2019. They will be available on sale on March 8 th , 2019. The
S10 at 5G will be available in q2 of this year exclusively on Verizon for a limited time and then it will be
available in q2 on 18P sprinty T-mobile.

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