Samsung Galaxy Fold: Tablet and a phone combined

Samsung has once again topped the world of Android by the launch of Galaxy fold.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold: tablet and a phone combined


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Samsung has once again topped the world of Android by the launch of Galaxy fold. This foldable phone offers the experience of a cell phone and a tablet combined. Don’t like watch Netflix on a small screen phone? This galaxy foldable is a solution to this. Now you can keep the big screen handy and enjoy it anywhere you want. The company quotes on its website ‘Ten years after the first Galaxy. We didn’t just change the shape of the phone. We changed the shape of tomorrow.’ Supported by a hash tag of #DoWhatYouCant


Some of the promising features of this phone are listed below:

OS- Operating System

The tablet cum phone offers the latest operating system in android i.e. 9.0 (Pie). Many new updated features that include the memory, speed etc. were upgraded.

Available colors

The available colors for the Galaxy fold are the galactic options as the company says. These are creative and innovative names are Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Martian Green, and Astro Blue. The hinge color can also be customized.

Screen size

Like it as a foldable phone, the device offers two screen sizes the ‘Main Display’ and the ‘cover Display’. The main display is that of the tablet which 7.3 inches. The cover display which is that of the phone is 4.6 inches. It is a super AMOLED display with a ratio of 4.2:3.


The main display offers the app multi-tasking of up to three apps. So watch Netflix, text and go through the trending news all at the same time. This latest technology utilizes the technique of the continuity app. The other feature that this screen offers is if you are using the cell phone display and want to open the main display, the cell phone display doesn’t vanish. The display is magically transferred to the main screen offering you a big-picture-experience.

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It has 4380mAh battery which is compatible with wireless as well as the cord charging.

Cameras for every angle

The fold comprises a total of 6 cameras which can broadly be categorized into three categories -Cover Camera-10MP Selfie Camera
-Front Camera-Dual Camera 10MP Selfie Camera+8MP RGB Depth Camera
-Rear Camera-Triple Camera-12MPTelephoto Camera+12MP Wide-angle Camera+16MP Ultra Wide


Prices start at $1980 which can vary with the country and the model.

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