Now you can save your life just from this Amazing App

Mental health issues are all over the world.

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Now you can save your life just from this Amazing App


Jahanzaib Shuja

Sukh App
Sukh App
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Mental health issues are all over the world. And a lot of Applications help out people in those countries. In Pakistan, mental health issues like stress and depression lead someone’s life to Suicide.

This is the biggest problem in Pakistan that needs to overcome. The growing rate of suicide in our country becomes more dangerous. There is a lack of awareness in our country. There is no proper way to prevent people from such a bad habit.

Therefore, a company is going to launch an amazing App that will save your life. The App called Sukh App. The app will launch after this month. There is a lot of need at this age.

Moreover, the App will provide helpline. Where doctors (Psychologist) will available 24/7. They will be there to listen to your problems. When you call them you will stay as strange.

Clinical doctor (Psychologist) Sehrish Irshad said, one of the most difficult things to understand is mental health issues that go to a therapist. Because the brain is full of social flaws that cause mental illness. Which include a lack of understanding and family support.

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Through this App, you can save a person’s life. If you need help in person, you can also set up an appointment through this App.

Moreover, CEO Mohammad Tauqeer Rao said, privacy is the most important thing. So when you call through this App your data and your number will safe in our central system. Later this your call will forward to the therapist or psychologist.

Sukh App
Sukh App

So here is the big step from the company. There is hope to save someone’s life through this App. And you can also save yours and other’s life as well. Now you can spend your life happily. So stay tuned the App is on its way to save your life.

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