Nokia’s Data Breach’s

Long after staying out of the market of cell phones, Nokia made come back it’s android device almost two years ago.

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Nokia’s Data Breach’s


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Long after staying out of the market of cell phones, Nokia made come back it’s android device almost two years ago. Although the name is the same the old brand has nothing to do with today’s phone. The ownership and the manufacturers are all different from the previous ones. In light of the recent event, Nokia caught the attention due to a software anomaly. The company commented on the right time and the misunderstanding was discarded.

Illegal transmission of data

It started with the Norwegian broadcast of the breach. It stated that the mobile phone was found to be sending data to a server somewhere in China. A Reuters report says that Finland will investigate the company to check and see if any of the rules of privacy were broken or not. The breach was reported on Thursday. An owner of Nokia 7 plus was told that his phone has been sending data to a Chinese server.

Company’s response

According to the broadcaster, Nokia has confirmed that “an unspecified number of Nokia 7 Plus phones had sent data to the Chinese server,” The name of the owner was not disclosed.

It was further elaborated that no personal data was found to be transferred to an external source. “We can confirm that no personally identifiable information has been shared with any third party,” the company told Reuters. “An error in the software packaging process in a single batch of one device model” caused the issue.”

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“Such data was never processed and no person could have been identified based on this data,” the company made it clear that the bug was fixed in February and the update was installed on the entire device. There is the possibility that the device under consideration was not successfully updated.

It is not identified what kind of data was sent to the server or why this disturbance happened in the first place. All that is known until now is that the data packets were sent in an unencrypted format. Finland’s ombudsman Reijo Aarnio told Reuters that despite the company’s response the investigation will still be conducted on the company to reach the depth of this matter. The investigation will focus on “personal information and if there has been legal justification for this.”

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