Netflix’s Interactive: Bandersnatch

Netflix has stepped up the game of movies with the introduction of the game like the episode

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Netflix’s Interactive: Bandersnatch


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Sana Hassan

Netflix has stepped up the game of movies with the introduction of the game like the episode. The latest special episode of Black Mirror series ‘Bandersnatch’ is an interactive episode where the viewer gets to make the choices and story unfolds accordingly. With that, it offers different endings based on the choices viewers make. This episode like the rest of the episodes of Black Mirror has an edge of technology, thrill, and curiosity that binds the audience to the very last seen.

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For those who want to watch this episode spoilers ahead! P.s. don’t download it off torrent it will give you all endings with no choices. The interactive mode is compatible with Netflix only.

The plot

The story starts with a young programmer Stefan, who makes a video game based on the fantasy novel he is reading. It comprises of series of the decision and alternative endings based on choices (much like the episode itself). The things start to go grey when Stefan starts to think that he is not in control of his life anymore and someone else is making all the choices for him (which is true in a sense that the viewer is choosing all the options for Stefan).

The choices

The choices vary from simple to complex ones. From choosing breakfast cereals to how to react on the father’s inquiries everything is in viewers’ hand. The series of choices determine the ending. When the episode ends it replays again for you to make a different choice that will offer alternate ending. The choices you make actually give you control over Stefan and the other cast, giving viewers the illusion of in control and the cast being controlled.

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Recent news

In the recent update, it has been revealed that Netflix had been recording all the choice of users. It is mainly due to fact that it will help them analyze how the audience reacted overall. What choices were frequently made and what were a bit tough on the viewer. Netflix didn’t say how long will they hang on this information. This will also be helpful in improving the story-line and the make-your-own-choice format of story-telling. With this the fact that all of such sites hold onto the users' data to make amends is clear. Consent or no consent is a whole new debate.

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