Life without The Internet

Within the span of two decades, we have come to the point where our lives are largely dependent on the internet.

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Life without The Internet


Sana Hassa


Life without Internet
Life without Internet

Within the span of two decades, we have come to the point where our lives are largely dependent on the internet. Thus, the internet no longer serves the mere purpose of entertainment. It has become our need, something on which our daily lives depend on. This is the reason why major threat and crime are now internet based. Here is a glimpse of what life would be like without the internet.

Seeing the actual World

No internet means the all the people will have to lift their heads up from the phone to see what the world actually looks like. It will feel strange because now instead of on scrolling through the phone while waiting for food, you will actually have to talk the person in front of you. This will be a difficult task because we left the social skills on pause when internet walked in.

No Google maps and no GPS

Life without Internet 01
Life without Internet 01

There is a possibility that people will be lost without the maps because of the extent to which we rely on them. Paper maps will be back in business no electronic voice will be telling us where to take the left.

No more Wikipedia, No more Khan Academy

No internet means Wikipedia will not be there to help us with our assignments. This might dust off the books sitting alone in the library racks and give us a sense of understanding of how the research is actually done. No more YouTube videos of Khan Academy mean that the student will have to pay attention during the lecture and interact with a classmate to get the solution of their problems. Also, the frequent visits to the teacher’s office.

No more Online Order  

Life without Internet
Life without Internet

This also means no more ordering meals online where human interaction is almost zero. People will actually have to get out of the house to get the basic necessities of life. Imagine food panda isn’t delivering anymore and no discount on food is available.

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The overall chaos

No internet means no fast way of communicating stuff. The infrastructures and business that are based on the internet will collapse and the foreign exchange, trade, and global working would be affected. The Family Guy’s episode ‘HTTPette’ beautifully present the idea of life without internet when Peter destroys the Internet. The family is sitting in front of the TV all bored because there is nothing else to do. The twitter shifts to the traditional tweets where messages are stapled to the birds. The family gets a cab to the airport because there is no Uber. People have forgotten to drive because of the missing navigation systems. But in reality, life would be much more chaotic as compared to the Family Guy’s episode.

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