Japan Replaces Stadium Crowds With Robots

Due to COVID-19, Sports have come to halt all over the world.

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Japan Replaces Stadium Crowds With Robots


Muhammad  Mubeen Javed


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Due to COVID-19, Sports have come to halt all over the world. People cannot gather because of social distancing. A baseball team in Japan found an alternative to actual fans in the stands. The team has deployed robots that cheer for the teams on.

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks has a match against the Rakuten Eagles. The hawks deployed 20 robots that were choreographed to dance to the team’s song. The robots cheer them on standing at the podium of an empty stadium.


Robots were a mix of Softbank’s humanoid Pepper robots and Boston Dynamics’ famous dog robots called Spot. The yellow dog robots were supporting the Hawks. They were branded with their flags and face caps as well. These robots danced to the song. The dance is usually performed by the team fans.

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The presence of robots serves as a reminder of how much progress has been made in the field of robotics. These robots cannot bring life to the stadium as much as 40,000 fans can. Boston Dynamics has deployed the Spot robot dogs to ensure people maintain social distancing.

These robots are also used for some other purposes like triage COVID-19 patients, to detect faults in machinery, assist in police bomb squads, and much more.

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