iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max launch Event Today: Specs and features

The iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro — could be Apple’s biggest release since the iPhone X. An all-new design, reverse wireless charging, 3 cameras,

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iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max launch Event Today: Specs and features


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iPhone 11 series
iPhone 11 series
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If you have been keeping up with the iPhone 11 rumors, you’ll know precisely what to expect from Apple’s big refresh tomorrow. But for the vast majority of fans. The upgrade will come as a no big surprise. One survey has found that for ordinary iPhone users, the urge to upgrade is no more significant than it has been for previous, more incremental releases.

iPhone 11 series
iPhone 11 series

The iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro — could be Apple’s biggest release since the iPhone X. An all-new design, reverse wireless charging, 3 cameras, and glamorous new features are expected to start an upgrade “supercycle.” Many technology fans will already have a good idea of what to expect from Apple’s special event next week, and they will likely have their credit cards at the ready long before pre-orders go live. But most iPhone users still have no idea what they’ll want to upgrade.

Our insights from Pakistan

TheReviewmaster.com surveyed more than 400 existing iPhone owners and discovered that interest in upgrading this year is virtually no stronger than it has been for previous iPhone releases. In fact, just 16 percent have already decided they’ll get the new model, versus 15 percent in 2018. The analysts aren’t suggesting iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro will be a flop — they’re predicting bigger sales growth than any previous model, with the exception of the “smash-hit” iPhone X — it’s just that consumers simply aren’t yet aware of how substantial the upgrade will be.

Today’s the day! The Apple Special Event takes place at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern or 6 PM GMT today, September 10. But we’ve got loads of ideas about what we can expect from today’s keynote already. Based on all the reports and rumors, the iPhone 11 lineup promises an overabundance of new features. One of the main biggest rumors centers around triple rear cameras for what’s being called the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The regular iPhone 11 should be a replacement for the iPhone XR; that handset is expected to get two rear cameras like iPhone XS.

iPhone 11 Top latest features:

  • 3 iPhone 11 models: The iPhone 11 will supposedly replace the iPhone XR, while two iPhone 11 Pro models are expected to replace the iPhone XS and XS Max.
  • 3 Cameras on iPhone 11 Pro: The expensive-end iPhones should get 3 rear cameras, and the third camera may be an ultra-wide lens. The regular iPhone 11 will go to 2 lenses.
  • BIG emphasis on videoBloomberg reports that may be able to “retouch, apply effects, reframe video and more as it is being recorded live.”
  • Faster A13 Processor: All 3 new iPhones should feature Apple’s new A13 processor, which should offer faster performance than most top-notch Android phones.
  • Multi-angled Face ID: This feature should provide better performance and may appear on at least the iPhone 11 Pro devices.
  • Reverse wireless charging: The iPhone 11 also may let you charge AirPods and other wireless charging enabled phones with the back of the new iPhones.
  • iPhone supports Apple Pencil: It is also rumored that the iPhone 11 Pro will start offering Apple Pencil support.
  • Shatter-resistant de-signThe new iPhones could offer more durable designs with a report of tougher shatter-resistant glass and even superior water resistance.
  • New Phone colors: Reports says that Apple is adding a green version for the iPhone 11 which is replacing the iPhone XR and there could be an Aura iridescent model that looks similar to the Galaxy Note 10.
  • A new Object tracking accessory: Apple will supposedly release a new object tracker alongside the iPhone 11 that will propose better precision than Tile Bluetooth tracker.

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iPhone Specifications (According to Sources)

Let’s hope that Apple may find its way in 2019-20 to gather the front-facing sensors another way and get rid of the notch or at least make it smaller like iPhone SE.

An overhauled design: Apple’s 2018 iPhones were aimed for an “S” year or one in which the company makes smaller changes to its phones but holds off on any fundamental revamps.

iPhone 11 series
iPhone 11 series

But this time, we would like to see Apple express that it is willing to mix things up a little maybe. We also hope that the company offers a thinner design, more materials verity, screen size changes, lower base price (because of any newer iPhone costs around 220K in Pakistan due to dollar rate) and official

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