Importance of Tripod

It would be no problem holding a certain electronic gadget in hand while working with it,….

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Importance of Tripod


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Importance of Tripod
Importance of Tripod
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Tripod for a Perfect Click

It would be no problem holding a certain electronic gadget in hand while working with it, but it would be
better if there is a carrier or a stand which can hold the device firmly so that you may get the job done
easily. You go out on a tour and take your camera with you, that’s one thing. But, you go out and take
your camera along with its kit like flashes etc., that is a lot of ease you will be getting while photography.
Speaking of camera kit, there is a very important kit component that every photography lover must
carry along so that catching the world in the lens may become more efficient, that component is the
tripod. A tripod is a three-legged stand used to support the weight of the camera as well as manage its
stability. It can also be used to maintain the weight and stability of other objects but i am talking
specifically about cameras. It is an important component to carry along and there is no issue carrying it
with oneself as it is not that much heavy. The positioning of the three legs away from the vertical center
allows the camera tripod better grip to withstand slanting forces.

Why is a Tripod Important?

Let us get directly to the points which describe why you should have this useful component with you
while you are shooting:

Capturing Long Exposures

A perfect example of telling you why you should have a tripod is when you will be shooting the
movement of the world around you by opening the shutter for many a times which is in seconds,
sometimes minutes, you cannot hold the camera in your hand for that long and your click will just be
blurry. So you must have a tripod if you want to click long exposures.

Low-Light Photography

As the day falls or we are shooting indoor, there is not much light available for us for capturing what we
want. Some options are available through which we can increase the light i.e widening the aperture,
increase the ISO or to reduce the shutter speed. Well, if discussing these, you would not want to
decrease the aperture as that is going to affect the depth of field of the image, and the ISO could not
really be increased as noisy images are very much desirable.

Therefore, the only solution is to use reduced shutter speeds, as much down as you can go without
getting unwanted motion in the shot before arranging the ISO and aperture. So for getting those slow
shutter speeds, you will be needing a tripod to avoid the blur effect caused by your hand movement.

Photography using Filters

As you know that neutral density filters are largely used for capturing long exposures, I like to use a
polarizing filter as well for this purpose. But there is a problem using a polarizing filter that the darkness
of the glass cuts the light and this means that you are going to need lower shutter speeds, faster ISO
rating or wider apertures to get the shot. A tripod plays a role here that it will repel the hand shake at
lower shutter speed when you will be using filter.

Landscape Photography

Importance of Tripod
Importance of Tripod

Landscapes shooting is my favorite shooting. For this kind of photography, the most important camera
setting is the aperture. But the aperture angles used for landscape shooting will reduce the light,
handling which we will need to slow down the shutter speed or increase the ISO. Since both of these
cannot be modified as i have explained above, a tripod will help us manage this situation as well as the
shake produced by hand.

Video Work

The video seems to be a far better recorded piece when it is shot on a tripod, it makes it look more


The above mentioned are some of the factors which clearly explain why you should have a tripod
whenever you go shooting the beauty of the world or any other scene. A tripod is a must thing to have
in your bag if you want a good looking photo to look more of a professional looking one.

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