Implantable Phones

When cell phones have first invented a helper was needed to carry the whole machinery along with the handset.

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Implantable Phones


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Implantable Phones
Implantable Phones

When cell phones have first invented a helper was needed to carry the whole machinery along with the handset. These days these cell phones not only have improved features but also are able to fit easily in the palm of your hand. They no longer serve the purpose of mere calls and text message. Today’s cell phone is smart and is a computer within itself. The access of the internet has opened a whole new gate of on hands technology. In the years to come, we might be able to carry cell phones inside our body as an implant.

How do they work?

The technology of these phones will be based on the wireless technology much like how the Bluetooth works but with a broader range unlike that of blue tooth. There were many designs that were put forward to be cell phone implants. Many of which were simple and based upon the idea of vibrations, a way through sound travels. This included the tooth implants that were able to send and receive vibrations to and from another implant. These implants can then transmit information to the inner ear which is decoded as sounds.

In another design, these implants will acclimatize with the nervous system and use brain waves to communicate with the person with the same implant. It hasn’t been made clear if there are going to options like storage and text messages in the implant. Thus, a complete smartphone in an implant has a long way to go.

Pop Culture

In movies, we have seen many of such devices. In the black mirror, the implant made a mother see what she sees to keep her save. In another episode, an implant was used to store all the memories and allowed the playback of them. In Total Recall an implant in hand allowed the communication through a video call.

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Similar Technologies

The similar technologies to these implants are the sensors that are designed to monitor various aspects of the body functions. A pacemaker is the oldest of such implants. In the days to come, the implant that is able to monitor blood sugar levels, heart rate, cholesterol levels, kidney, and liver function will also be introduced.


The set up surrounding these technologies is the unwanted access to the personal information by the companies. With such implants in our body, all kinds of information can be accessed. In the light of recent event, such a Facebook gaining data and apps sharing sensitive and personal data the consumer acceptability of such devices is very low. Unless proper legislatures are made globally for the safe use of these devices.

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