How do you get paid for home-based jobs in Pakistan?

There are a lot of ways that you can get paid for home-based jobs. But first we need to know that while talking about home-based jobs, which jobs are we referring to.

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How do you get paid for home-based jobs in Pakistan?


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There are a lot of ways that you can get paid for home-based jobs. But first we need to know that while talking about home-based jobs, which jobs are we referring to. Home-based jobs in this article are specifically online jobs. They include freelancing, completing orders on your laptp screen instead of working at a desk. The boss or the employer will pay you.

There are certain ways you can get paid

Home based jobs in Pakistan
Home based jobs in Pakistan

There are certain ways you can get paid for doing home-based jobs. These include the following:


PayPal is the most efficient way of getting money through online transaction system. But the problem is that it is not available in Pakistan. Certain reasons are that Pakistan has not made a constitutional law that directly addresses all the problems of cyber world and cyber crime. Also, there is a very less amount of money that goes out of Pakistan for home-based job purposes. In simple words, E-commerce is not so popular in Pakistan. There are fewer clients here as compared to the workers because usually we do not rely on online shopping the way other nations do.

How can you use PayPal in Pakistan?

To withdraw PayPal money all you need to do is transfer your PayPal funds to your Payoneer account and withdraw it from any ATM at MCB, Citi Bank and Standard Chartered Bank with your Master Card. Payoneer also supports Global Bank Transfers that is money can also be transferred directly to your Pakistani bank account.


Now you can use Payoneer for receiving your payments from most freelance companies and withdrawing money using local ATMs in all countries where Payoneer is available at the moment including Pakistan. Payoneer also gives you option to use a US bank for receiving payments from any US or EU company, so this is one additional advantage. You may receive payments from more than 800 well-known US companies + EU companies in your Payoneer account.

Western Union

Western Union is among the most popular companies for this purpose in Pakistan. You can get money from almost any corner of the world. The only problem that arises in Pakistan is that you can not get more than 3 payments in a month using only one ID card, so you might have to wait and reschedule your finance matters for that. The biggest advantage in using it is that it does not require any fancy details or strict protocols that are usually needed in other companies.

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In this complete guide we have told you about the most trust worthy and popular methods on how to get payments while working for international clients online in Pakistan. We have discussed PayPal and other companies. In this section, we are going further into more options for transacting money. Here are a few more:

Visa Debit

It is the most common method to receive money. Usually, you have to provide your card number with a security key number, and then you get the money in your bank account which is linked to that card number. But it often comes with many security formalities and issues, not common in the other methods.

Union Pay

This came in Pakistan as a result of the CPEC. It is a Chinese company and uses HBSC Chinese debit card for transactions. So it is in use for the Chinese living in Pakistan.


I was waiting to get my money from an ATM machine when I read a logo saying PayPak, I thought it was PayPal but it was not. I came home and googled the term. To my surprise I could not find a single google search related to PayPak. I assume it is a new company in its early stages or it is just another way of getting payments from PayPal to Pakistan. But it has its own logo, and I am curious to now what it will be.


TransferWise is an exciting website that I recently discovered. It is used by freelancers to get payment. The good thing is its availability in Pakistan. All you need to do is to create an account and follow the instructions. The money will be sent to the recipient’s account that can be then collected by your bank.

Express Withdrawal

Express Withdrawal is quite handy when it comes to Pakistani freelancers. All you have to do is to convert the money that is sent to you from other country into PKR currency and enter your bank account details. The bank account details include your address, the Bank name, IBAN and branch. This works on verified websites dedicated to freelancing.

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