Google Starts Rolling Out Android 10

The long-awaited Android 10 has finally been rolled out to Pixel smartphones including.

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Google Starts Rolling Out Android 10


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Google Android 10
Google Android 10
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The long-awaited Android 10 has finally been rolled out to Pixel smartphones including:

Pixel, Pixel XL
Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL
Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL

Like other Google updates, it will be at least a few weeks before new firmware rolls out to other smartphones. You can get the official Android 10 image from Google and install it manually.

Some other interesting features will be coming with the new operating system.

Navigation System and Dark Mode

Google has added dark mode to the upcoming OS. Many users requested this feature. It’s about time Google added it to Android.

Now, you will see a new gesture-based navigation system. Google has ditched the navigation bar, which gives more screen space. At the same time, it makes the navigation system quite confusing.

You have to swipe right or left from the right or left an edge of the screen to go back. Swipe up from the bottom and hold to go into recent apps. Swipe up from the bottom in an app to go back to the home screen.

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Live Captions and Smart Reply

Smart replies have been tweaked with Android 10. Now suggest actions along with replies. Letting you open Google Maps if you get an address or YouTube if you get a video link.

One more useful feature is live captions. It will transcribe every audio/video on your smartphone. Even though it is supposed to be a part of Android 10. It will be rolled out in fall this year.


Moreover, Google has improved its privacy. Users can share location data with the app that they actively use. You will be able to control app or web activity along with ad settings.

Other privacy and security fixes will be rolled out via Google Play under Project Mainline. This way, important updates will reach the user faster.

‘Family link’ has been added to the Operating System. Android 10 will let silence notifications for an application that they find





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