Google Maps’ Newest Update

Google continues to be the savior and constant support system in our life.

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Google Maps’ Newest Update


Sana Hassan

Google Maps
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Google continues to be the savior and constant support system in our life. One of its franchise Google Maps has made journeys and daily commutes so much easier. In the continuous effort of providing ease, Google Maps launched two new features as an update to the pre-existing App. This new update is especially for those that get speeding tickets very often. The hustlers can now save money and not get finned. Read more to find out!

Speed Limit of the Road

One of the features of this update allows the user to see the speed limit of a certain road. A white rectangular screen on the bottom left corner shows how fast the driver can go on a road. This speed limit is updated and changes with the change of road. This is a great precaution in avoiding the over-speeding.

Hidden speed-checking Camera

The second feature includes the display of speed checking camera. It allows the user to see if there are any speed-checking cameras on a certain road or not. It also gives the audio update and warns the driving if he is approaching the camera ahead. The warning is also displayed on the screen for the approaching camera.

Places of the Launch

There are no words being said about the global launch of these features. Would it be available in all countries around the world? Now for this feature is available in the United States, UK, and Denmark. It is also under the stages of being launched in Australia, Mexico, Canada, India, Russia, and Indonesia.

The first Launch

Initially, this feature was available in the cities of San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro in 2016. It was run as
a trial update in the small areas to test the accuracy and viability before applying it to the large areas or

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The words are that the update will be available to both the Android and iOS user without any
discrimination. Yes! The iPhone user will also have a decreased capacity of speeding. It is also being said
that the update is the traditional one that takes place on its own. The last version of the application is
advised to be updated to get this feature. The users can also check for this update by going to the
respective App stores and manually updating Google Maps.

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