Glitchy Facebook hits again

Facebook has been dealing with a lot of scandalous news for the past 12 months.

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Glitchy Facebook hits again


Sana Hassan

glitchy facebook
glitchy facebook
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Facebook has been dealing with a lot of scandalous news for the past 12 months. It included numerous breaches of privacy and private data sharing without permission. The news like paying the teens to install the application that monitored all of their activities also surfaced. This time it a creepy sort of fault that supports the gender biased searches. No comments or words have been received for the social media giant till now.

Fault in our Searches

The Belgian Security Researcher, Inti De Ceukelaire found out this fault that Facebook lets you search the pictures of your female friends but not the male friends. Type ‘photos of my female friends’ and the result show the photos of female beings you are friends with. Switch the word female with a male and the results offer a random collection of pictures over social media. The search also gives you the option if you meant the word to be female and suggests it change into a female.

Glitch or a hidden search?

If this is a glitch or some hidden Facebook option that lets you spy on the hidden photos of your friends, nothing can be said for sure. The company hasn’t responded to this issue.

The more of creepy

While writing down the search the auto-generated suggestions come up with even creepier option to narrow down your search. It wouldn’t be wrong to term these options as indecent, explicit and creepy. There is also the taste of gender-biases in these searches. As the comments on Twitter suggest it does allow the spying on the male but females can still be targeted. The commoners are openly commenting on this glitch regarding it as the violation of women’s privacy. They also quote these suggestions to be the abusive search that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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Till now it is not known if the issue has been resolved or not as some accounts show it option some don’t. Apparently, not so harmful hidden option is a threat to the privacy of many. Whether it shows or not shows the hidden pictures is still unclear. But such search lines and suggestions are definitely condemnable.

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