Future of Technology

Each day, we see advancement in technology. Every update makes us surprised.

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Future of Technology

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What will be the future of technology?

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Each day, we see advancement in technology. Every update makes us surprised. We are surrounded by the wonders of technology from everywhere. The world of technology is exciting and it is getting better day by day, moment by moment.

The question arises: Is there any end to technology? We know that everything has an end. We will also die someday. The world will crash into some planet or the sun will get cooled. We do not know, but one thing we are certain of is that it will all end. So will technology end some day?

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Let’s see the advancement in past

Technology started when the first processing machine was made. It was not a little phone in our pocket, but a giant machine that needed certain air conditioners to get cooled. That day and now, there was a
speedy improvement. The technological advancement sky rocketed from then and we had the first
desktop computer. Then came laptops, now we have portable monitors with virtual reality experience.
Same thing happened with cellular mobiles. The start was a telegram with a Morse Code. Now we can
see anyone in the world with a video calling icon in our phones.

Advancement in the present

We have entered a phase where all developed devices are being improved and made more attractive for
the user. This age is not directed towards manufacturing essential devices. However, it is sharply
directed towards market competition. Everything has become a race for money. Airpods, jackless
phones, charger-less devices, extra zoom features, the widest range of colours and maximum storage
capacity, everything is surprising. This points towards an unstoppable hunger for more, better and
advanced. Developers and coders are brainstorming day and night to develop the ultimate technology
and app that will take the world by storm. The rush will never end.

Advancement in the future

It is fascinating and at the same time scary to know that as you read this line, there is a new code
written, or a new technology being born you are not yet aware of. The moment we blink our eyes, an
app is launched that might be the answer to all the questions we might have been wondering about. The

rush for the position and the speed at which we are advancing is somewhat, horrifying. It is predicted
that in future, chronic illnesses will be treated by advanced AI. Undiscoverable places and unseen sea
will be known. We will be able to make perpetual energy sufficient enough to light our homes for
infinite time. We will be able to travel faster than light. We will be able to communicate with
extraterrestrial life. We will be even able to colonize on moon and Mars.

Destruction is inevitable

We know that when advancements will reach to that stage, AI will consume itself. It will start making
errors and a hostile memory to compete with its own species and humans. For example, anger is a basic
emotion of human. I wonder what will be the consequences if this anger wasn’t controlled in the past? I
wonder what will nuclear war do if it is not controlled by humans? Well, time will tell.

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