Fiber Optic Internet in Pakistan

We are part of the digital age and the internet is the most common source of connectivity between all the world nowadays.

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We are part of the digital age

We are part of the digital age and the internet is the most common source of connectivity between all the world nowadays. From a domestic perspective or commercially, the use of the internet is most important in almost every field. Technology evolves very fast so as the requirement of a common man. Internet is becoming a basic need for mankind e.g. like water, air, food, etc. Talking about the usages, there are numerous. Any Individual can use the web for sale/purchase, B2C, health, information, socializing, servicing, etc. Through the immense support of WWW, this world is a global village.

The Secret to Fiber Optic Internet

The type of Internet service provider you select will also emerge an enduring impact on your circle i.e. your family and circles. Regardless of the ISP, Internet connections will allow you to access modern applications without needing to sacrifice performance. As of today, you can get Internet connection which is supported by old fixed-line copper wire (PTCL) or fiber optic. Earlier, the internet connection was supplied with copper wires. If you are a casual social network user, a copper-based Internet connection is enough to fulfill your needs. Fiber optic connection or fiber-link Internet can be a perfect choice for you based on a range of speed-related factors, which can be video calls, high-speed gaming, downloads, etc. There can be many things to evaluate the ISP beforehand. It can be quality, consistency, reliability.

Fiber Optic Internet: An Ultimate Convenience!

If you are able to experience WIFI based optical fiber connection, you may experience slight slowdowns in comparison to a direct fiber optic connection, this is due to the Wi-Fi broadcasting bandwidth limitations i.e. 150 MBPS or 300 Mbps (Highest available in the local market). Fiber-optic based internet is usually faster than other forms of connections. Fiber-optic connections use pulses of light to make an electromagnetic carrier wave that could be employed to send data at a very high speed. It is one of the upcoming connectivity technologies in the world. It is known for speed, reliability, and the capability to move large amounts of data within the blink of an eye.

If your home or business requires an internet connection to make phone calls or access web-based applications, reliability is a must-have attribute. Several companies provide fiber optic access in Pakistan today. The availability of fiber optic is opening new horizons in businesses. Careem, Uber, Facebook, Snapchat are now being used religiously in Pakistan. Thanks to the evolving connectivity technologies of Fiber optics and 3G/4G.

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Why Internet Speed Matters

For most of the public, ISP’s Internet speed does not render into anything more expressive. This segment of people cannot put into words the transformation between 2, 3, 10 or 50 Megabits per second, or Mbps. Internet speed is significant to apprehend, especially in today’s technological global village. Almost every household has various web-enabled devices – smartphone, PC/laptop, tablet, and gaming consoles. With the fastest Internet speeds, you can get the prime use out of all your modern-day gadgets. There was a time when people wanted home PCs and were ready to spend hundreds of dollars to buy them out. Now, it is part of our lives.

Using computers can be beneficial for students but could also lessen the quality of their work due to so many distractions. Computers applications are quite an essential thing for users. It is ideal for development or planning related jobs. For instance, the use of robotics has revolutionized the automobile industry for several years and not robotics is part of almost every industry.

The key lies in discovering the nutritious balance between how technology can enhance our lives and the way that it can ruin it. For example, Car technology has turned out to be a wonderful receptive to emerging technology but on the other side, you are creating a culture of convenience with diabetics and other heart-related issues due to minimal walk necessary for human life.

On the other hand, Blockchain technology is similar to the internet. It has an integrated robustness. It has a large potential to transform the entire business operating models in the near future.

Some of Fiber Optic Internet Service Providers in Pakistan.


Brain Net







Fiber link


Vision Broadband


The Advantages of Internet Speed

If you like high internet speed, get a true high-speed internet connection like Fiber optic, Cable or Satellite after proper research. There are many sites, blogs available to share the internet speed tests to help you determine which ISP is working best in your area. Moreover, the importance of speed of ISP connections can also be determined through the quality of the video you are watching on Youtube or the audio you’re listening on Soundcloud.

Since we are in the process of adopting Fiber Optics. Fibers are often also used for short-distance connections between devices. For example, most HDTVs offer a digital audio optical connection. This allows the streaming of audio over light, using the TOSLINK protocol.

The adoption of optical fiber in the initial segment will gradually cascade into the adjacent segments, thereby activating the adoption by the mass-market.

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