Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram goes down

According to public statements from all three Facebook services, Facebook (FB), Instagram and WhatsApp have all been shut down in Pakistan since Monday evening.

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Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all became difficult to use at the same time

In today’s fast-paced world, the world’s most-used services have been suspended, raising questions! Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all became difficult to use at the same time

In Pakistan, multiple Facebook services have been shut down since Monday evening. These include Facebook (FB), Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The Facebook administration immediately stated, using another social network, Twitter, that many users were having difficulty accessing its apps and products. The company is making every effort to restore normal service as soon as possible and apologizes for any inconvenience.

First Facebook users had problems

The first users had problems with Facebook, then gradually lost access, and now all three web services have been suspended; even a messaging company like Facebook is forced to rely on another competitor, Twitter.

No explanation was immediately provided, nor was there any specific announcement from Facebook about the closure. However, several security experts pointed to the domain name system issue as a possible culprit. In addition, a company spokesperson was on a reputable TV channel without giving a reason.

Facebook service is also being suspended in Pakistan and users are still facing problems

Even advertising companies are concerned about the Facebook service being suspended in Pakistan, it remains to be seen if it is a hacker or a technical glitch, will Facebook’s database appear as useful as it used to be, or will people ever face any kind of harm, many people are on Facebook They also seem to be worried about their database

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facebook going down
facebook going down

When you write about the downfall of Facebook on Google, the stock market graph of Facebook also falls, ranking 5.73% today and has fallen five indexes in the past week but has slowly been rising again for the last few weeks. All of us are waiting to discover why Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were reopened and closed.

Reported by: M Billal Shah

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