Facebook to Meta

One of the changes in the changing world scene is that the name of Facebook has also been changed. It was leaked a few days ago that Facebook is changing its name but no one has said it with certainty.

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Facebook to Meta

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One of the changes in the changing world scene is that the name of Facebook has also been changed. It was leaked a few days ago that Facebook is changing its name but no one has said it with certainty. In the past, the whole world has been in a state of shock and many people are unable to believe that nothing can happen, but it has happened because it was announced by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. In his video message, he changed the name “Facebook” to “Meta” and introduced a new world. From what he said, it seems that this is not just a name change, but Meta is now a world. Going to paint a new innovation


It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to Encompass

In a Video Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg said: “It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to Encompass, everything that we do reflects who we are. Our Mission Remains the Same still about bringing people together with our apps in their brands. They’re not changing either and we are still the company that designs technology around people. Imagine you put on your glasses or headset in here, instantly in your home space as parts of your physical home. It has things that are only possible virtually and it has an incredibly inspiring view of whatever you find.

Official Video Link https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?ref=watch_permalink&v=561535698440683

Privacy and safety need to be built into the metaverse from day one. You will get to decide when you want to be with other people. A future will need a physical TV. It’ll just feel $1 hologram from some high school kid halfway across the world. You’ll be able to take your items and project them into the physical world as Holograms and augmented reality. One part of this is Horizon home.

A lot of us who work in offices have gone remote. Horizon is designed to make it possible for everyone to create worlds and jump into them with people. We’re going to be introducing a social version of the home where you can invite friends to join you as avatars. There are chance interactions, that make your day all accessible from anywhere. Let’s take a look at what working in the metaverse will be.

You can log into a quest with an account other than your personal Facebook account. We’re starting to test support for the work account soon and we’re working on making a broader shift here within the next year. I am genuinely optimistic about work in the metaverse. To do for our society and economy giving people access to jobs and more places. And on top of all that you can keep wearing your favorite sweatpants.

We plan to continue supporting side loading and linking to PCS so consumers and Developers have Choices rather than forcing them to use the quest store to find apps or reach customers. We’re introducing the presence platform, which is a broad range of machine perception and AI capabilities that Empower developers to build mixed reality experiences. Overall after all, while a number of developers are already profitable, we accept to invest many billions of dollars for years to come before the metaverse reaches scale. Next year, we are releasing a new product that will push the boundaries of VR even further, codenamed IT project Cambria soon. It’s going to be compatible with Quest, but Cambria will be a completely new Advanced and high-end product and will be at the higher end of the price spectrum. Our plan is to keep building out this product line, to release our most advanced technology before we can hit the price points.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Cambria’s virtual reality headset will be able to make eye contact and reflects your facial expressions in real-time. Building more sensors into a form factor, that’s comfortable to wear for a while. We also have to make sure avatars represent a diverse set of Human facial features and skin tones. And pay attention to things like come glasses and beers that may get in the way of some of the sensors. Cambria will be taking this to the next level with a high-resolution colored mixed reality pass-through.

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We essentially combine an array of sensors with reconstruction algorithms, to represent your physical world in a headset. There’s a lot of technical work to get this form factor and experience, right? We have to fit hologram displays projectors, batteries radios, custom silicon chips cameras, speakers sensors to map the world around you, and more into Sue’s that are about 5 millimeters thick.”

Is there some other reason?

However, I think we will have to wait for the magic of Mark’s words to be available for purchase in the market. The whole world is eagerly anticipating seeing this video. The question remains, however, whether the purpose of all of this is just to bring mankind closer together, or is there some other reason?

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