E-books: Pros and Cons

Since the beginning of time, man has tried to put up his load onto something else. In the case of a book, let’s be honest it is a lot to carry.

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E-books: Pros and Cons


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Sana Hassan

Since the beginning of time, man has tried to put up his load onto something else. In the case of a book, let’s be honest it is a lot to carry. If you are a student, then you are well aware of the fact that one subject requires three, thousand pages books. The solution to this burden comes in a form of small and handy saviors, the E-books.

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What are E-books?


E-Books or electronic books as the name indicates are the books in the digital format. They can be viewed on any electronic device that supports the software such as a smartphone, laptops, i-pads, tablets etc. the
specialized e-reader (devices designed specifically to fulfill the purpose) are also available e-g Amazon’s
Kindle. These books usually come in the PDF format supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of these
books are available in hard form also, while for some books only the electronic versions are launched
Readers have a variety of opinion about both the formats the paper book and the electronic book. Which
one is better? This varies from person to person. Below is the discussion on few of such points.


• Electronic books are, without doubt, very easy to carry and do not take up much space in the bag. Just
download the required book, copy it to your cell phone and you can carry it around university all the time.
• They save the effort, time and money of printing a book. Moreover, a large number of trees are also
saved. Hence, eco-friendly.
• They give you the superpower to read and study in darkness. When it is night and people are already
asleep, an e-book on a tablet is your best friend.
• The new editions of books are easier to launch, the whole process of publication wouldn’t have to be
repeated. Upload of the new edition on the Internet will do the job.

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• The digital books put a lot of strain on eyes especially with the prolonged use in darkness. The fonts are usually small, adding to the strain. If you have weak eye-sight screen reading is not recommended.
• The binge-readers and book hoarders often find it difficult to connect to the story without an actual book in the hand. With the stimulus like rustles of pages, texture and the smell of new books missing readers find it hard to wrap their mind around the pleasure of reading.
• Most readers and learners also complain that they are unable to learn anything from the e-book because it wasn’t in there hand. The satisfaction of holding, underlining and scribbling little notes with colored pens is often found missing.
• Calm a book is able to provide is also missing. The author of ‘Moth Smoke’ and ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ Mohsin Hamid quotes that ‘The closed network of a printed book seems to offer greater
serenity.’(and I think all readers agree). Unlike the e-books that are accompanied by distractions.

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