Cyber Warfare between India and Pakistan

The affairs between the countries originated in the sub-continent have never been friendly.

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Cyber Warfare between India and Pakistan


Sana Hassan

Cyber Warfare Between India and Pakistan

The affairs between the countries originated in the sub-continent have never been friendly. Both countries have shown rigidity in various aspects when it comes to coming on good terms. The often set back include numerous surgical strike and killing of innocent people while the dilemma of killings in Kashmir remains constant. In the situation has taken the role of Cyber Warfare after the recent ‘Pulwama Attack’.

The Pulwama Attack and the Blame

The thing made U-turn towards the worst when a convoy vehicle was suicide bombed by a local Kashmiri. The suicide bombing resulted in the death of around 40 soldiers of armed forces. Pakistan is allegedly blamed for the attack. There is no sound evidence that indicates the forces behind it. Post- bombing investigation has not begun yet. The politician and media are already taking their anger on Pakistan which includes hate speeches and warning to go to war with the opposing country.

The modern technology has allowed the spread of it on the internet as well. Each and every individual is using the right of freedom of speech to express views about it. These views comprise of both positive and
negative words and impacts.

The Memes and Comments

In response to the hatred spread over the Internet in a form of threats, warning, and abusive words. Pakistanis are making memes out of it. Some suggest that they are too busy in PSL and Indian should think before they speak. Others suggest that they are inconsiderate of the lives that have been lost. The locals of both countries are also fighting over this incident in the comments sections.

The Hacking

This hatred also includes the blocking of various official Pakistani sites. The news was also published in times of India as well as the local newspaper that few of the sites were hacked by some group of hackers residing in India. The local newspaper further confirmed that few of the sites of government were not accessible from abroad also, data of some sites was also not viewed properly. According to the latest update, the sites are fully functional and the data as also been recovered.

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The blocking

One of the other stunts that are being pulled over the internet is the removal of all Pakistani songs from their platform. T-series has recently removed all of the songs of Pakistani artist from their channels. Other events include the decision of not releasing Indian movies in Pakistan.

Is it really a reasonable approach?

 The undue expression of hatred based solely on feelings will not get both countries anywhere. The loss of lives is greater than anything. It should be mourned over and respected. This loss is a loss of humanity that surpasses the ground boundaries. The need of time is the stoppage of childish behavior from both sides as well as the hate speeches. The hate speech should not be praised and encouraged by both sides. The countries should stand as one in finding a solution against terrorism.

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