Cyber crimes

The techno-logic advancements have made our lives easier, but it has also made us more vulnerable.

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Cyber crimes


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Sana Hassan

The techno-logic advancements have made our lives easier, but it has also made us more vulnerable. We
use computers, and the internet to do everything. We save personal data on our laptops and tablets. We
assume it’s safe until a third party accesses the private data online as well as on computers. Cyber-crimes
though fatal are not punishable to a serious extent.

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What is a cyber-crime?


Cyber-crime is a broad term used to classify crimes that use a computer to commit a serious offense to cause harm and for malicious purposes. These crimes use programs, a complex set of codes, algorithms, and internet to gain access to personal information or to destroy data to inflict harm. They include a wide range of activities such as cyber-bullying, phishing, identity theft, hacking and remote access to a personal device.


Cyber-bullying is an act of harassing and teasing someone that happens on social media or through smartphones. It includes online threats through text, emails, messages, blogs or any other communication vehicles. Gaining personal data and threating to leak it, also falls under this category. This social and emotional harm often leads to physical bullying.


Originates from the word ‘fishing’, is a term used for the illegal accusation of sensitive personal information such as personal identification credit card numbers, and passwords. Hacker usually uses a forged website to lure in the victim. He makes the user believe that he is on an authentic website and once the account information is given the website does not go forward.

Identity theft

It is one of the most common crimes, committed all over the internet. It is an unauthorized act of gaining personal information to create fake accounts, use cellular services or create bank accounts. We commonly see people saying that don’t accept the request from a certain account, it is fake.


Hacking is gaining unauthorized access to an account or a device to inflict harm or for a criminal purpose.
Remotely accessing camera of a laptop, getting into system or logging-in someone else’s account are all
termed as hacking.

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Cyber Attack

Is a term used for an elaborated and highly organized attack to take down or harm any technology related network or enterprise. It often leads to above-mentioned cyber-crimes as well. These kinds of attacks result in massive data loss as well as large-scaled lose software infrastructure. Large companies are usually targeted for such attacks.

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