In the beginning, giant computers were only able to solve the problems of basic Mathematics.

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Chatbots - The Review Master
Chatbots – The Review Master
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In the beginning, giant computers were only able to solve the problems of basic Mathematics. These
computers, as we see them today have evolved into intelligent machines that are able to perform various complex tasks. This ability has allowed the computers to automatize and digitalize almost all fields that
previously required manpower.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots - The Review Master
Chatbots – The Review Master

The combination of two words ‘chat’ and ‘bot’ as in robot. It is a computer program or artificial
intelligence that is designed to mimic the human conversational responses. The medium of conversation
could be auditory (the program speaks to communicate) or textual (the programs communicates via text).
This communication can be a specific purpose, for example, the customer services’ auto-generated
messages. These messages are usually pre-saved in the database. Multi-purpose communication can also
be done in which the bots analyze the speech and respond accordingly, much like humans.

Chatbots around us

We are surrounded by Chatbots and we are unaware of it. To put in the perspective, Apple’s Siri, Google
Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Windows’ Cortana, GPS on Google Maps are all different forms of Chatbots.
All of them specially designed to make the users easy and comfortable.

Why are they important?

Chatbots – The Review Master

Chabot has significantly enhanced the customer and service provider relationship by streamlining it. They
have also helped improve the costumer’s service and experience. To be honest, these bots will not treat
you differently under any circumstance. Though they are intelligent and show empathy, they don’t show
the primitive emotion like humans, so they will not frown or scowl if asked the same question again and
again. Furthermore, they have also decreased the cost of these services. Robotic grocery stores and ice
cream parlors don’t require human employs anymore. The job is well done by the chatbots.

Where are their uses?

With the above-mentioned examples, it is quite clear that there usage in customer services and assistance
is gaining importance. They are being designed for space travels where these bots keep the astronauts,
company. Tether Gistnut is an example of it. Other provides the medical assistant to the user.
SkinvisionBot allows the user to scan a specific area of skin and identifies what is wrong with it.
Scheduling bot helps you organize your daily chores and routine. Weather bot tells you about weather.

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In conclusion

The recent statistics indicate that users are now shifting from social media to messaging apps. The usage
of messaging apps is increasing at a faster pace as compared to social media. The tech analysts are saying
that messaging apps are the future and chatbots will be the way to manage them. Thus, there is possibility
that we will see more of chatbots in places where humans provided their services.

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