Career Counselling

Proper carrier counselling can have a positive effects on the performance of students.

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Career Counselling

By: Farooq Anwar

Counseling is very important in any matter for an instant if you have some health issues you immediately consult a doctor. If you have a pain in your tooth you consult a dentist. If you want to travel United State for higher study you immediately pay the visit to some good counseling team who deal in the student exchange programs. So it is very important for every institute to provide a proper counseling team or staff in their schools for those students who are dealing with some mental or physical issues. And due to which their study effects. Many schools and universities have this staff present but unfortunately many do not have this facility or they don’t feel the importance of this in schools and universities.

Education plays a very important role 

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Education plays a very important role in the development of a student. With education, some students show their full potential and some students need counseling for their outcomes and full potential. There are students who have some special skills and talent in them but they cannot bring them into society because they are shy or confuse if their special abilities are OK to show or not. They do not confirm they think they are just ordinary individuals (students) and there is nothing special in them because there is a lack of confidence in them they stay quiet and think themselves a dumpster. They need a counseling.

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Something special to show to others

A person who can guide them tells them that they have something special to show to others. Everyone has some unique feature in themselves which is different from others it does not mean that they are dumb or weird. They just need a positivity in their mindsets. Now let’s have a look on those students who are confused picking up their fields/carrier they are not sure if they want to choose medical, computer, fine arts or they want to go in business. Such students need a guide so that they can choose what is their interest with the help of professional assistance and guidance.

Every institute should conduct weekly or monthly counseling sessions

Every institute should conduct weekly or monthly counseling sessions which will guide the students on the right path. There are thousands of students in schools and universities from different backgrounds some student belong to rich families some belong to poor families, some students are drug addicts, some are depressed due to breakups family pressures, carrier pressure, financial crises some have gender issues (gays, lesbians. Tomboys) and some students have some physical disorders. To deal with all these issues student counseling plays a very vital role. It should take as a compulsory measurement in every school and university so all students can give their 100% outcome.

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