Careem Rewards: An Innovative reward system

In the daily grind of routine, most people find it difficult to spare time.

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Careem Rewards: An Innovative reward system


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Sana Hassan

In the daily grind of routine, most people find it difficult to spare time. This is the reason why the amount and energy spent on charity are often less and negligible. Careem has solved this problem in an innovative way. You can now contribute to the path of charity like provide food, planting a tree, teaching a child, donating a book just by traveling on Careem. If you are a frequent user, odds are in your favor to play a role in impacting the world with positive effort.

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What is Careem Reward?

It is a new update in the pre-existing app that allows the users to earn points on each ride taken. It should be kept in mind that these reward points are not the ones that go into your wallet. Instead, these reward points are shown separately in the side menu of your profile. These points can be used to get more rewards and offer likes credits and discounts or you can use them for the donation.

The donations

One of the best things about this new update is donations. Careem has collaborated with UNHCR-United Nation’s agency for Refugees, WWF- World Wildlife Fund, TCF-The citizens Foundation and many other local NGO’s. Through this collaboration, after the collection of a certain amount of points users can use them as donations. For example, if you have 900 points, you can spend it and plant a tree with it.

Redeeming the points

In these options, the user is able to utilize the rewards to get money in their wallet. For example, if you have 900 points you can redeem it for the credit of Rs. 50/- which will be valid for a year.

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The offer of Careem Gold

For its frequent and regular users, Careem has a whole different plan of it. In this offer, the status of the user is upgraded to gold on taking 15 rides a month. This status lasts for 3 months in total about the user has to maintain it otherwise it expires. Some bonus features of this package are 50% more reward points on each ride, exclusive offers of discounts and priority customer.

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